WDE Information Management News -- February 4, 2019

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02-04-2019  |  Collection Windows and WISER ID Look-up Information


The State Assessment Exemption Request (SAER) window, for the WY-TOPP  Summative Assessment, opened February 1 and closes April 29.  Prior to using the new SAER system, users who will be submitting an exemption request to the WDE will need to be assigned with the “SAER User” role.  If you need the SAER User role assigned, please contact your district's WyEd Administrator for assistance.

To view a short instructional video on how to access and use the SAER system, click here

You can also access the video, along with more assessment information, through the 2018-2019 Assessment Resources page on the WDE website.


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The confidential Credits Earned - Grade Nine Non-Alternative Schools report, has been refreshed with the recently submitted 2017-18 WDE949 transcripts. Please review the report for your district. If any students are missing data, or the data is incorrect in the "Credits Earned" field, please submit a valid transcript through the Wyoming Transcript Center. The review period will be re-opened from February 4-15.

Also, the confidential Credits Earned - Grade Nine, Ten and Eleven Alternative Schools reports is available to review as well. Please note that alternative schools are required to submit student transcripts for grades 9, 10, and 11, on the WDE949. The review period will be re-opened from February 4-15 for Alternative Schools, as well.

The "Credits Earned - Grade Nine Non-Alternative Schools" and the "Credits Earned - Grade Nine, Ten and Eleven Alternative Schools" reports are accessible from the Data & Reporting page on the WDE website, under Data Reports > District Data Reports. Or, you can click on the link: District Data Reports.

If you have any questions regarding the process for submitting transcripts on the Wyoming Transcript Center, contact Elizabeth Foster at elizabeth.foster@wyo.gov


Are you missing a student or staff WISER ID?  

Now there is a way to manually retrieve individual WISER IDs for students or staff. Using the WISER ID system, your district's WISER ID Administrators are now able to retrieve WISER IDs for those who already have an ID assigned. To retrieve a WISER ID, WISER ID Administrators will need the following information:

  • First and Last name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender, as listed on the WISER ID request (male/female/unknown)

Note:  In order to retrieve a WISER ID, all of the required information, listed above, must be a 100 percent match to what is in the WyEd database. If a WISER ID is not returned, WISER ID Administrators will need to  retrieve the ID by submitting a WISER ID Request.



  • February 1-April 29 - State Assessment Exception Request (SAER) Window
  • February 4-15 - WDE949 Re-Submission Window
  • May 6-7 - Tech Director's Conference in Casper at the Ramkota
  • July 29-August 9 - Confidential Assessment Data Review Window (WY-TOPP, ACT and ACCESS)
  • August 14-20 - Confidential Wy-ALT Data Review Window
  • August 28-September 10 - Confidential School Performance Report (SPR) Review Window
  • September 16 - Public SPR Release