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01-24-2019  |  Graduation Rates & Other Updates


New graduates throwing caps into the air.

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) has released the Graduation Rate reports for public consumption. You can view the Four-Year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate for your district here

New This Year: In an effort to continue improving the processes with which data is being reported, the WDE began cross-checking students reported as graduates on the WDE 684 with the student transcripts submitted on the WDE 950. The benefits of this new process are two-fold: 1) it allows districts another avenue to see any missing transcript data and ensure that it is submitted correctly, and 2) it allows the WDE to report graduation rates with greater confidence of accuracy.

Some Highlights From The 2017-18 Report: The overall graduation rate for the state of Wyoming was 81.7 percent!  This marks an increase of approximately 1.5 percent from the 2016-17 school year.  Additionally, the 81.7 percent is the highest rate achieved since the WDE began using the current metrics for calculating graduation rate as of the 2009-10 school year.


The WDE has implemented the second phase of its new WISER Registration System, with district adoption scheduled to begin  in early February. During this phase the WDE will eliminate the Student Locator Framework, incorporate data validations, and provide the districts the ability to resolve their own ambiguous cases. It is the WDE’s vision that error reports and ambiguous cases will be provided to district and school staff who are responsible for entering students into the student information system (SIS) so data errors and questions of identity can be resolved at the source, allowing for the seamless transition of Ids back into the SIS at a faster rate.

As the WDE transitions from the SIF-based WISER ID retrieval away from the Student Locator Framework, the department will continue to retain the other services we have contracted from Kimono on behalf of the districts. The WDE recommends that you keep the same agent configuration you currently have. Specifically, do not disable or remove any of your Kimono-related  zones, as Kimono’s zones will continue to be used for other state and district applications.

  • PowerSchool districts should keep their existing Canvas, Kimono, and CPSI (directory and roster) zones defined in the PowerSchool SIF Agent.

  • InfiniteCampus districts should keep their existing Kimono and CPSI (directory and roster) zones and their existing Canvas OneRoster connection defined in InfiniteCampus.


The WDEwould like to pilot the program with a few volunteers at the end of January. If you would like to pilot this project, contact Susan Williams at susan.williams@wyo.gov or 307-777-6252.


  • May 6 & May 7 - Tech Director's Conference in Casper at the Ramkota
  • July 29 to August 9 - Confidential Assessment Data Review Window (WY-TOPP, ACT and ACCESS)
  • August 14 to 20 - Confidential Wy-ALT Data Review Window
  • August 28 to September 10 - Confidential School Performance Report (SPR) Review Window
  • September 16 - Public SPR Release