WDE Information Management News -- December 19, 2018

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12-19-2018 |  WISER ID & Grad Rate Info


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WISER ID Administrators Can Now Manually Look Up Individual IDs

The WISER Registration System has a new look and feel.  We've made the page more user friendly and added colorful buttons to navigate the site.  Additionally we've provided a way for administrators to search for individual WISER IDs.  Click on the Search for an Individual WISER ID button and enter the legal first name, last name, and date of birth of the person you are searching for.  Administrators will only receive a result if the criteria they've entered 100% matches an individual in the WISER Registration System.  If your search result is not successful, and you believe the student has been issued a WISER ID, you will need to submit a batch upload.

Users can retrieve WISER IDs and Verification codes 

from Fusion until December 31st

WISER IDs and Verification codes will still be posted in the Fusion portal until December 31st.  When logging in to the old Fusion site a new WyEd login screen will appear but it will still accept your old credentials. If you don't remember your Fusion password, contact Susan Williams susan.williams@wyo.gov.


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Last Friday was the deadline to submit changes to student level graduate data.  Thank you to the district staff who provided this information to the WDE IM Division.  Members of the data team will spend the next two weeks reviewing the submitted information and making approved corrections.  We are updating the database in groups so once we've updated your information your district will be notified to review your updated student level report.  Once all corrections are made we will begin school, district and state graduation rate calculations.  The embargoed aggregated data will be confidentially released on January 2 with a public release scheduled January 22.  These are firm time lines that are required in order for the department to submit federal reports on time.  The embargoed review window is provided so districts have time to prepare their press releases.  Data is to remain confidential and should not be released until after the WDE public release on January 22nd. 


  • December 21 - Release 2018-19 Enrollment Data
  • December 31 - Fusion Website Retired 
  • January 2 - Embargoed Release Of Aggregated Graduate Data
  • January 8 - Legislature Convenes
  • January 22 - Public Release Of 2017-18 Graduation Data
  • July 29 to August 9 - Confidential Assessment Data Review Window (WY-TOPP, ACT and ACCESS)
  • August 14 to 20 - Confidential Wy-ALT Data Review Window
  • August 28 to September 10 - Confidential School Performance Report (SPR) Review Window
  • September 16 - Public SPR Release