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7-16-2018  |  WISER ID UPDATE


The WISER Registration System, which is a key component of the overall WISE Data System, assigns and maintains WISER ID numbers for students and staff in Wyoming schools. Our upgraded WISER system will reopen on Monday July 16th.  


The user experience will remain the same for any organization that uses the Student Locator. The connections to the Student Locator will be set up for districts and most users will not notice a difference. If you have any trouble with the Student Locator, start by sending an email to support@kimonocloud.com and then follow up with Brian at brian.wuerth@wyo.gov.


The batch upload will have a new URL. The link to the new system will be available by clicking on the WISER ID logo on the right hand side of the Data & Reporting page of the WDE website. Users will continue to access the system using their same Fusion login credentials. Student WISER IDs can be retrieved by Student Locator or spreadsheet batch upload. Staff IDs can only be retrieved by batch upload at this time. The data spec and the file layout spreadsheet template is posted on the WISE website under the header "WISER Batch Upload File Layout" menu. The department is working on a website for manual retrieval of an individual ID, to be released at a later date.  

The batch upload will be available for all organizations to use starting on Thursday, July 19.  We are currently looking for volunteers to test the system.  If you are interested and have time on Tuesday, please contact John at john.paul@wyo.gov.   


Staff members will now have eight digit WISER IDs like students. An individual who is both an education organization employee and a student will only need one WISER ID. This change supports the statewide Canvas LMS. The most common example is a K-12 staff member who is also enrolled in a course in a Wyoming post-secondary school. The new ID will allow the user to see both the courses they teach and the courses they are enrolled in at the same time. Eight digit IDs for new staff can be retrieved by batch upload at this time. All staff members will need to have a new number, the previous seven digit IDs have been retired. The WDE has provided a crosswalk of old IDs to new IDs. Data managers can confidentially retrieve IDs for their entire organization at this link. The report is only available to an organization's WISE Coordinator, Computer/Technology Director, and WISER ID Administrators. Questions about the roles should be directed to Susan at susan.williams@wyo.gov.


Guidance and FAQs are available on the WISE website.  


For staff IDs: Donal Mattimoe at 777-6391 or donal.mattimoe@wyo.gov

For student IDs: Brian Wuerth at 777-6748 or brian.wuerth@wyo.gov

For questions about the WISER Registration System project: Susan Williams at 307-777-6252 or susan.williams@wyo.gov