WDE Information Management News-- June 29, 2018

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06-29-2018  |  General News



The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) will be shutting down the State Registration System (SRS) in Fusion, close of business Tuesday, July 3, 2018. Our new WISER ID State Registration System will reopen on the morning of Monday, July 16. The link to the new system will be available by clicking on the WISER ID logo on the Data & Reporting page of the WDE website. Users will continue to access the SRS using their Fusion login credentials and will be able to retrieve WISER IDs for students using the student locator or batch upload. New eight digit IDs for staff can be retrieved by batch upload at this time, the department will provide more detailed information prior to the 16th. The department is still working on a graphical user interface (GUI) for the manual retrieval of an individual ID by filling out a form, to be released at a later date.


If you have your Student Locator hosted with Kimono, please watch your inbox for the instructions for the New Year Rollover. The Rollover procedure will advance the Student Locator to the upcoming school year (2018-19). After this time you will no longer be able to request WISER IDs for students enrolled in your district for the 2017-18 school year. This will remove the students who were enrolled during the prior school year and populate the students who are enrolled for the 2018-19 school year. If you have questions concerning the rollover of your SIS agent, please direct those to your SIS agent provider. The hosted Student Locator is provided by the WDE to all school districts and its use is voluntary.  If you are interested in using the Locator to keep your WISER IDs in sync, contact Leslie at leslie.zimmerschied@wyo.gov.  


Registration is now open for the September 2018 SIS User Conference. The event will be at the Ramkota  in Casper. Registration is free, but we ask everyone to please sign up so that we have enough materials and supplies. There are discounted rates for sleeping rooms reserved under the Department of Education for attendees. More information is available on the WDE website 

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The Post-Secondary Readiness (PSR) indicator has been added to the Wyoming accountability model for high schools. For this indicator, a school’s score is based on the percentage of students who meet any of the state-approved definitions of PSR. They are 1) College Ready, 2) Career Ready, or 3) Military Ready.  

Evidence of college readiness is based on completion of a college preparatory curriculum (e.g., Hathaway Opportunity curriculumand one or more of the following: a college-ready score on a standardized college entrance exam (e.g., ACT score of 19 or higher) or eligibility to earn college credits through Advanced Placement (e.g., by earning a score of 3 or higher on an AP exam), International Baccalaureate (e.g., by earning a score of 4 or higher on an IB exam), or dual/concurrent courses (e.g., by earning a grade of C or higher in a 1000+ level course).

Here are some reporting tips to ensure all students meeting the PSR definitions are counted:

  • When reporting the courses on the WDE950, it is imperative to ensure that the proper level and credit options are indicated. The valid values for the instructionLevel element are:

AP - Advanced Placement (College Board Approved)
BA - Basic
CL - College Level (Dual or Concurrent, 1000-level or above)
EL - English Language Learner
GE - General
GT - Gifted & Talented
HL - Honors Level
HS - High School Equivalent
IB - International Baccalaureate
RM - Remedial
SE - Special Education Course

  • When reporting the Hathaway Success Curriculum (successCurriculumLevel) level, remember that the success curriculum level is not impacted by nor a reflection of the student’s high school GPA or ACT score. Report only the level of curriculum the student completed. 
  • In the event that a course waiver is approved by the WDE for any Hathaway course requirements, the student’s transcript must be updated via the WDE950 to reflect the appropriate success curriculum level.


Do you need resources or training on student privacy or FERPA?  The Privacy Technical Assistance Center and Family Policy Compliance Office at the US Department of Education have a comprehensive website.  They have videos, FAQs, and lots of resources available for free. Take a look.