WDE Information Management News-- June 15, 2018

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6-15-2018  |  General News



The Post-Secondary Readiness (PSR) indicator has been added to the Wyoming accountability model for high schools. For this indicator, a school’s score is based on the percentage of students who meet any of the state-approved definitions of PSR. They are 1) College Ready, 2) Career Ready, or 3) Military Ready.

Evidence of military readiness is based upon completion of a college preparatory curriculum (e.g., Hathaway Opportunity curriculum) or a CTE pathway and an Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score of 50 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

This year, districts will be able to upload their 2017-18 ASVAB test results through the WyCTE Collection application, which will allow student scores to be documented. The ASVAB is not required, but is an option to meet state definition of PSR. To get credit for the ASVAB in the 2018-19 school year, any ASVAB results for students graduating in 2017-18 must be submitted to the WyCTE Collection application by June 30.

Schools can request a spreadsheet of their students' AFQT scores by contacting an Education Services Specialist (ESS) at the Department of Defense at 800-323-0513 or their local ESS at the Denver Military Entrance Processing Station at 303-623-1020 x231. An instructional video for reporting military readiness using the WDE555 (WyCTE) can be found here.



Work is continuing on the upgrades to the WISER Registration System to support the statewide deployment of the Canvas LMS. All K-12 staff will be assigned an eight-digit WISER ID to allow them to log into the LMS and see all their courses, regardless of whether they are the student or the instructor. WDE has performed initial tests with prior last name matching. The goal is to have fully automated WISER assignment searches using either a current or former last name. The algorithm seems to be properly tuned and identification of users with a prior last name went well. Next steps in the project include further testing and integration with the postsecondary schools to ensure seamless experiences for students between districts and the community colleges.


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Districts have adopted the free WY-Fi Dashboards for the 2018-19 school year. This easy-to-use dashboard empowers educators with a complete & intuitive view of every student, classroom, and school with data from the districts’ SIS, WDE databases, & assessment vendors.

Early Warning & Intervention:

States, districts, and schools across the nation are now using research-based indicators to identify students at-risk of failing to meet key educational milestones such as reading at grade level, on-time graduation, or college readiness. By identifying students early, educators can target interventions and supports to help students achieve readiness and success. Empowering educators with the real-time data to identify at-risk students as early as possible then providing tools to support efficient and effective intervention is crucial. WY-Fi’s Early Warning Dashboard identifies at-risk students in the following areas: attendance, course performance (mathematics and reading), and behavioral incidents. When at-risk students have been pinpointed, the WY-Fi Intervention Catalog helps you seamlessly integrate the appropriate actions into your daily planning and monitor the response to these interventions.  

Interested in empowering your teachers & administrators with the WY-Fi Dashboards for the start of the 2018-19 school year? Now is the time to begin the process. Contact (Kimiko Rife) krife@espsg.com or (Leslie Zimmerschied) leslie.zimmerschied@wyo.gov to set up a demo or get started on the implementation.


Registration is now open for the September 2018 SIS User Conference. The event will be at the Ramkota  in Casper. Registration is free, but we ask everyone to please sign up so that we have enough materials and supplies. There are discounted rates for sleeping rooms reserved under the Department of Education for attendees. More information is available on the WDE website

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