WDE Information Management News-- April 16, 2018

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April 16, 2018  |  General News


The Fusion Portal will soon be retired. The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) recently awarded an RFP for a new directory and unique identification system to Computer Power Solutions of Illinois (CPSI). The WDE’s new directory will help support changes like the statewide Learning Management System, as well as interim, modular, and summative WY-TOPP assessments. Click here to read the latest Superintendents memo

As a part of this change, beginning with the 2018-19 school year, all district staff will be assigned an eight digit WISER ID, and existing seven-digit WISE Staff IDs will be retired. One of the reasons for this change is to support a better user experience in the Canvas LMS. Instructors who are also students will be able to see all courses they are participating in.

All 2017-18 WDE data collections which collect staffing information will be completed using seven-digit WISE Staff IDs.  Upon completion of all 2017-18 data collections, the WDE will work with districts to provide eight-digit WISER IDs for their staff, including a crosswalk to each employee’s prior seven-digit WISE Staff IDs. 2018-19 WDE data collections will use eight-digit WISER IDs for students and staff. The fall 2018 WDE602 collection will have the new eight-digit WISER IDs preloaded for returning staff.

Two webinars were held to allow Q&A about the new system.  Contact Susan at susan.williams@wyo.gov if you would like a copy of the recording. 

This newsletter will be used to communicate progress of the project, please feel free to subscribe or forward it to others.


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The Information Management Division continues to move forward with the Wy-Fi district dashboards, which are free to any Wyoming district. The new Wy-Fi dashboards include a well-organized way of viewing and understanding data about your students. Teachers can monitor critical student performance indicators, look for growth opportunities, and intervene appropriately. Administrators can get the needed information for more productive meetings. 

The current feature set includes the following core features:

  • Attendance & Discipline
  • Grades & Credits
  • Transcript (cumulative for all school years provided by SIS)
  • General demographic information – Students, Schools, and the District

 Wyoming Assessments (Individual data, and Aggregations for Schoolwide and Districtwide use)

  • PAWS
  • PAWS-Alt
  • ELL
  • ELL-Alt
  • ACT

For more information, contact Leslie at leslie.zimmerschied@wyo.gov. We will also be demonstrating the dashboards in Casper at the WASA Conference at 8am on Friday, April 20th.  Stop by and check it out!


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