Volume 4 Issue 32 (Assessment Newsletter)

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November 30, 2016  |  WDE Assessment Updates  |  Volume 4, Issue 32

Register Now: Wy-ALT Training Registration

All Spring 2017 Test Administrators (TAs) and Second Scorers (SSs) must attend one of the Wy-ALT trainings, even if they administered the test in the past. If you administered the test last year and feel comfortable doing so in 2017, you can attend one of three in-person half-day refresher trainings rather than the full day training for new TAs and SSs. If you have a conflict and cannot attend any of the in-person trainings, there is also the opportunity to attend a Refresher Training Webinar.

Wy-ALT Training Locations and Dates:
Full Day Trainings Required for New Test Administrators and Second Scorers*

  • Monday, January 9 in Powell at 9:00 AM
  • Tuesday, January 10 in Casper at 9:00 AM
  • Friday, January 13 in Evanston at 9:00 AM
  • Wednesday, January 18 in Cheyenne at 9:00 AM

Half-Day Refresher Trainings for Previous TAs and SSs*

  • Wednesday, January 11 in Casper from 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM
  • Wednesday, January 11 in Casper from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Thursday, January 19 in Cheyenne from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Refresher Training Webinars for Previous TAs and SSs* (if unable to attend any in person)

  • Tuesday, February 7 in the afternoon 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Thursday, February 9 in the morning 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Register Now: PAWS Building Coordinator Training

Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the Wyoming Department of Education will be hosting Building Coordinator Training sessions at two locations to review the role and responsibilities of the Building Test Coordinator for the 2017 PAWS administration.

Training Dates 

  • Rock Springs, January 31, 9 am - 11 am
  • Rock Springs, January 31, 1 pm - 3 pm
  • Powell, February 2, 9 am - 11 am
  • Powell, February 2, 1 pm - 3 pm

2017 NAEP UPDATE – Preparing for Assessment via the Online MyNAEP System

The “Prepare for Assessment” section of the MyNAEP online system becomes active on Monday, December 5th. Each step within Prepare for Assessment has a brief 4-6 minute video tutorial, describing how to get your school ready for NAEP.

Here are links to the Prepare for Assessment tutorials: 

Review and Verify Students Selected for NAEP

Complete SD and ELL Student Information

Manage Questionnaires

Notify Parents                                 

Update Student List

Before leaving school for the Holiday break, we strongly recommend that building coordinators log-on to the online MyNAEP system at www.MyNAEP.com and begin reviewing/updating their student-level information as described in the “Review and Verify” and “Complete SD and ELL Student Information” tutorials.

Next, building coordinators should view the “Update Student List” tutorial and then click the “Designate Method” link to pick a processing option that fits their building circumstances in completing the “Update Student List” task during January.

Additionally, NAEP field representatives are calling building coordinators this week to establish contact and discuss next steps/timelines. Your NAEP field representative is THE go-to-person and #1 point-of-contact for all building coordinators’ questions, support and preparation steps on NAEP at their school(s).

Collaboration with NAEP field staff is critical so we recommend that if building coordinators are unavailable to take their NAEP field representative’s initial call to the school, that coordinators return the phone call immediately or as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please contact Will Donkersgoed at (307) 777-5133 or william.donkersgoed@wyo.gov with general questions regarding the 2017 NAEP in Wyoming.

WIDA AMS Test Set-Up Window Opens

The WIDA Assessment Management System (WIDA AMS) Test Setup window for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 will take place Monday, December 5, 2016 to Tuesday, February 28, 2017.  You will have the ability to view students in the system as well as view and modify test sessions. If you are administering ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 online, you must make sure your students are entered in the appropriate test sessions.

Students, for whom Pre-ID data was submitted, will automatically be placed into generic test sessions based on grade cluster and domain. To view the Test Sessions window, click on Test Management>Manage Test Sessions. You can view all the test sessions for a specific district or school. The window displays the status of the test session – Not Started, In Progress, or Completed.

For detailed instructions on Test Setup, please refer to the Test Scheduling tutorial and/or the WIDA AMS User Guide, which is available on the WIDA website (wida.us) or on WIDA AMS (wida-ams.us).

Please contact DRC Customer Support with any questions at WIDA@DataRecognitionCorp.com or 1-855-787-9615.

WIDA Test Administrator Training

WIDA Wyoming Workshop: ACCESS 2.0 Test Administration Training. Register at the links below.

ACT Schedule of Events

ACT has provided a schedule of events, for schools and districts, which outlines the timeline of activities which need to be completed for the 2016-17 ACT administration. Please view the Schedule of Events here

ACT Aspire Dynamic Educator Reports Rollover

ACT Aspire's storage system is going to rollover in early January. If you need to archive the Dynamic Educator Reports, you will need to do so before December 31, as reports will not be available in the new year.

New Growth Videos Available

The Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA) requires the Wyoming Department of Education to produce reports of school quality, including measures of growth, achievement, equity, and college readiness. WDE has provided new videos explaining student growth and how Wyoming uses growth calculations to determine improvements in student performance over time, and versus their academic peers. 

Assessment Watch Video Button


The Wyoming Department of Education is pleased to provide Phase I & II in the Professional Development series provided by Jan Hoegh with Marzano Research, LLC. This two-day workshop is an integral part of Wyoming’s Statewide System of Support. These trainings serve as foundational components within the comprehensive instructional framework that is further developed in Phase III -The Art and Science of Teaching. 

Phase I & II participants will: • Gain an awareness of the research regarding classroom assessment • Understand the difference among obtrusive, unobtrusive, and student-generated assessments, and how to use each in the classroom. • Learn data analysis practices related to classroom assessments. • Learn attributes of high-quality performance tasks

Workshop Dates

  • January 30-31, 2017: Casper Wyoming 
  • February 2-3, 2017: Riverton, Wyoming 
  • February 27-28, 2017: Cheyenne, Wyoming 

PTSB/UW credit pending


2016-17 Helplines


  • January 9: Wy-ALT - New Test Administrator Training - Powell
  • January 10: Wy-ALT - New Test Administrator Training - Casper
  • January 11: Wy-ALT - Refresher Test Administrator Training (2 sessions a.m. and p.m.) - Casper
  • January 13: Wy-ALT New Test Administrator Training - Evanston
  • January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - WDE Offices Closed
  • January 18: Wy-ALT New Test Administrator Training (in person) - Cheyenne
  • January 19: Wy-ALT Refresher Test Administrator Training (in person) - Cheyenne
  • January 24: ACT Accommodations Q & A Webinar
  • January 24 - February 28: ACCESS for ELLs Window Open
  • January 30-31: Phase l and II -  Assessment Literacy and Formative Assessment - Casper
  • January 30 - March 10: NAEP Administration Window Open
  • January 31: PAWS -  Building Coordinator Training (in person) - Rock Springs
  • February 2: PAWS - Building Coordinator Training (in person) - Powell
  • February 2-3: Phase I and II - Assessment Literacy and Formative Assessment - Riverton
  • February 8: ACT Aspire Tech Readiness Webinar (3:00 pm)
  • February 9: Wy-ALT Refresher Training Webinar
  • February 14: ACT Aspire Tech Readiness Webinar (3:00 pm)
  • February 27-28: Phase I and II - Assessment Literacy and Formative Assessment - Cheyenne
  • February 28 - March 24: Wy-ALT Administration Window Open
  • March 6 - 24: PAWS Administration Window Open
  • April 10 - May 3: ACT Aspire Administration Window Open
  • April 19: ACT Administration (paper/pencil)
  • April 19 - May 3: ACT Administration Window Open (online)