Assessment Newsletter (Volume 4, Issue 20)

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June 27, 2016  |  WDE Assessment Updates  |  Volume 4, Issue 20

Assessment Confidential Release of Results

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) has confidentially released results from the 2016 Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students (PAWS) and the Wyoming Statewide Alternate Assessment (Wy-ALT) to school districts on Monday, June 27. 

Districts will be given until Monday, July 11, to confidentially review the reports. District Superintendents will be asked to verify online that they have received and reviewed the data at:

All results are embargoed until the aggregated statewide results are released publicly. 

WDE Fusion: Accessing Your Reports

Math is hard!

Data are provided to districts through the WDE’s secure Wyoming Education Fusion portal. To access the confidential student level assessment reports: 

  • Log in to Fusion at 
  • Click Data Reporting at the top of the home page.  
  • Select Assessment Confidential in the Data Reporting Links sidebar

Persons with the following roles will be able to access the reports:  Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, Assessment Coordinator, Special Ed Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, or Assessment Coordinator Reporting.  

If you do not have rights to see the reports, or have forgotten your Fusion username, please contact your district Fusion administrator.  If you are unsure who your district Fusion administrator is, click on the Find Fusion Administrator at the top of the Fusion homepage.  You will also see a link called Password Help, if you need to reset your password.

Reporting: Public Release of Results

The State Superintendent plans to officially release the elementary and middle school (PAWS) results on July 14th at 1:00 pm; all school, district, and state results are embargoed until then. High school assessment results, including the Wy-ALT for grades 9-11, will be posted to Fusion for confidential review on or about July 15.

In addition to the electronic files on Fusion, PAWS Individual Student Reports (ISRs) are now available in TOMS; paper copies have also been shipped and will arrive at district offices across the state no later than the middle of next week. Wy-ALT ISRs will also be arriving in schools this week; electronic copes of the ISRs are available in TIDE.  Since ISRs began shipping last week, some of you may have already received your shipment.  Remember that one copy is intended for the cumulative folder and one is intended for parents.  

On June 24th, District Curriculum and Assessment Coordinators received an email from Deb Lindsey regarding the confidential release of data to Fusion.  Attached to that email was a letter from Superintendent Balow for parents and guardians regarding the PAWS results.  When you distribute the ISRs to families, please also include a copy of the letter from Superintendent Balow.  Thanks!


Just A Note: Online Reporting Suite

photo 2

Viewers in the Online Reporting Suite (ORS) can also see a new domain performance level which describes each student's performance, by domain (e.g. geometry), compared to other students statewide.  Domain performance levels are below state average, at/near average, and above average.  These levels do not convey information about a student's "proficiency" in a domain.


There are too few items in the domains to set proficient cut scores on any sub-set of the test.  So, while a student might perform better than others across the state, s/he still might not be proficient overall on the test because it's aligned to the higher expectations inherent in the 2012 Wyoming Content and Performance Standards.

If you have questions about how to interpret the new domain performance levels, please contact a member of the Assessment Team. 

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  • June 24 - July 15: PAWS/Wy-ALT Results Confidential Review
  • July 14:  State Superintendent's Press Conference, PAWS
  • July 15 (tentative): Confidential ACT/Aspire Data Release
  • July 18 - 22: PAWS Data, Item, and Bias Review Committees, Sheridan