Business Council tackles rural internet access


The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency   l   July 10, 2018

Business Council tackles rural broadband internet access


Doing business in rural Wyoming has its advantages — 
the wide-open spaces, slower pace of life and easy access to outdoor adventures are attractive fringe benefits that are 
hard to come by. Still, it isn't always easy, as Mark Marlatt, 
the IT Director for Bloedorn Lumber Companyknows.  With few options for providers and limited bandwidth at the company's corporate hub in Torrington, Marlatt has suggested 
to the company’s leadership that perhaps it makes better
business sense to relocate the hub somewhere with more
reliable and less expensive broadband connectivity. 

Torrington has served as the company's home since its
founding in the early-1900s, and has been the headquarters
of its impressive expansion to 27 branches in Wyoming, 
Colorado, Nebraska and Montana. // READ STORY


Taiwan delegation visits Wyoming

Taiwan sent 10 trade delegates to Wyoming in summer 2018 to discuss expanding trade and ideas in industries like blockchain, beef and agriculture, clean coal technology and more.

The delegates met with Business Council CEO Shawn Reese, Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr and professors at the University of Wyoming during their visit.

Find more about how the Business Council is taking Wyoming global at // WATCH

Economic Diverse

Here is why a diverse economy is critical

Economic diversification is the best way to position Wyoming for the future. It is the way to lessen the harsh effects of mineral commodity bust cycles. And it is the way to ensure opportunities exist for current and future generations of Wyomingites to live and work here. After all, economic diversification is about avoiding reliance on a single industry to sustain Wyoming’s infrastructure and employ its citizens. In an innovative, rapidly-changing world one industry cannot shoulder the burden alone. // READ STORY

Big Hollow1

New life for a vacant lot in Laramie

The Laramie community mourned the 2009 demolition of the Empress Theatre in downtown. 

The nearly century old building suffered decades of neglect. In the wake of its deconstruction, only an empty lot remained. 

“After it was razed, we came together as a community and said, ‘It is not acceptable to leave this as a hole in the ground,’” said Trey Sherwood, executive director of the Laramie Main Street Alliance. // READ STORY


State board approves two projects

The State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) approved two Business Ready Community grant requests during its June 21 quarterly meeting in Cheyenne. Both projects were approved unanimously. 


Business Council staff review each application, conduct site visits, or conference calls in the case of planning grants, and make presentations to a board subcommittee before making final recommendations to the full board.  // READ STORY

Board meeting materials are available for review at


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Gov. Mead leads carbon capture initiative

WyoTech sale finalized

Business Council hosts Taiwan delegates


We were thrilled to host the #Taiwan trade delegation to talk about blockchain, clean coal, technology, engineering, beef and more!

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In 2016, the Wyoming Business Council granted Lander a $466,210 grant to build a facility for the local visitor center and chamber of commerce that includes coworking and business incubator space. The facility opened in summer 2018

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