July Raising the Steaks

July 2018

Governor Mead appoints Beef Council Members

Governor Matt Mead recently appointed JW Rankin of Shawnee, and reappointed Lynn George of Cody, to the Wyoming Beef Council.  Rankin replaces Tom Wright of Newcastle.  George is serving a second three-year term.

 The Wyoming Beef Council (WBC) is a five-member board of beef producers appointed by the governor to increase demand for beef through promotion, education, and research. Three members of the board are producers of range cattle, one is a dairy farmer, and one represents the feeder sector of the cattle industry.  Rankin is a producer of range cattle, the George family owns and operates a dairy. 

New board member terms run from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021. 


Shawnee rancher, JW Rankin, has been newly appointed by Governor Mead to the Wyoming Beef Council.

"I am honored to serve on the Wyoming Beef Council and represent Wyoming's cattle industry," says Rankin. "My family has been ranching in Wyoming since 1946 and I look forward to helping promote beef and continuing the success of the Wyoming Beef Council."  Rankin is active in the agricultural community and is a member of many stock grower and livestock groups. He is also a rural volunteer fire fighter.

Cody dairy farmer, Lynn George, is beginning his second three-year term on the Wyoming Beef Council. 

"The Wyoming Beef Council works to provide credible information and innovative ways for beef to be part of a healthy lifestyle," says George.  "I'm happy to be a part of that conversation."  George is also a 4-H Leader and member of several community boards.

LGeorge Crop

New MBA Course is Live! 

The Masters of Beef Advocacy team is excited to share that the online MBA courses are now updated and are available on all browsers and devices. Former software incompatibilities are now a thing of the past! MBA attracts a great diversity of students from high school to college, FFA, 4-H groups, rodeo queens, Team Beef athletes, farmers, ranchers, and members of the beef community all over the United States. This new update will deliver MBA to an even wider audience that may only have a phone or tablet. To enroll, complete an application or request a classroom kit at beef.org/MBA.


Strength Video Campaign


The Checkoff is proudly featuring videos starring Cowboy Ninja Lance Pekus . Videos can be seeon on YouTube. Advertising efforts are underway and include purchases on Hulu, social and programmatic ads.  Re-sharing posts from Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. social handles is encouraged. Season 10 is now airing on NBC (check your local listing for times), and Lance’s first appearance began July 9th.   Click the photo to watch the YouTube videos.