June Raising the Steaks


Taiwanese promotion using ENDOW funds included in the Wyoming Beef Council's FY 2019 Marketing Plan

marketing plan

Seeking to grow beef demand, the Wyoming Beef Council will use ENDOW (Economically Needed Diversification Options for Wyoming) funds for promotions targeting Taiwanese consumers in the upcoming fiscal year, as well as continuing to employ creative social media strategies focusing on Wyoming's ranching culture and heritage.

These strategies are included in the Beef Council's fiscal year 2019 marketing plan and budget, both of which were approved during a June 4 conference call. Fiscal year 2019 starts on July 1, 2018, and runs through June 30, 2019. Both the budget and the marketing plan are available on the producer section of the WBC website wybeef.com.

Wyoming Beef Council Participates in Platte County Wellness Summit


The Wyoming Beef Council recently presented at the Platte County Wellness Summit in Wheatland, where Registered Dietician Judy Barbe spoke about the importance of consuming quality proteins throughout the day.  She encouraged the attendees, made up of Wyoming educators, school nurses, and food professionals, to find ways of integrating protein into breakfast, lunch, and snacks, as well as the evening meal.

WBC Executive Director, Ann Wittmann, joined Barbe in an afternoon session and the two provided information about the benefits of beef protein as an appetite suppressor, energy enhancer, and strength builder.  WBC Program Director, Kosha Olsen, handed out samples of lean beef lunches and snacks, including a Beef-Style Sushi made with brown rice, vegetables, and deli sliced roast beef, and cups of trail mix that included nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and beef jerky. Click here to see how to make beef sushi and other great beef recipes on the WBC YouTube Channel.  

Olsen attends Beef Council Staff training in Denver


Wyoming Beef Council Program Director Kosha Olsen (Pictured to the right with Laurie MunnsNCBA Federation Division Vice Chairman) joined other new state beef council board members and staff at a State Beef Council Director Orientation in the NCBA offices near Denver April 25-26. Attendees became better acquainted with the history, coordination, management and structure of the Beef Checkoff Program, and efforts of the Federation of State Beef Councils and the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.

“It was very helpful to explore all the pieces and parts of the Beef Checkoff Program,” says Kosha.  “I came away from the orientation impressed with the talented, passionate people working on behalf of the beef industry, as well as the many programs and positive results they have managed to squeeze out of the checkoff dollar.”

The orientation also provided an overview of checkoff-funded research, information and promotion programs conducted by NCBA as a beef checkoff contractor, and a chance to tour facilities at the NCBA offices that help support those programs.

WBC Thanks Tom Wright for Six Years of Service


June 30, 2018 marks the end of Tom Wright’s second term as a member of the Wyoming Beef Council.  Tom’s service to Wyoming Beef Producers through the WBC has been two-fold for the past six years.   First, he was selected by the Wyoming Beef Council to serve as a director to the National Federation of State Beef Councils in March 2012.  Then in June that same year, he was appointed by Governor Mead to serve on the Council representing producers of range cattle.  As a Federation Director, Tom served on the Beef Safety committee providing valuable insight and direction to the Beef Promotion Operating Committee who determines how the federal dollar is invested.

As a member of the Wyoming Beef Council, Tom’s deep understanding of the beef industry, as well as his extensive school board experience, provided the council with great stability, direction and understanding.  He was an integral part of the 2015 WBC Strategic Planning Conference which yielded the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan which is currently in use.

Most notably, Tom has been a strong mentor and resource for newer members, taking them under his wing and offering his knowledge and advice.

Thank you, Tom.  We are grateful for your dedication and service to Wyoming’s Beef producers and hope to have the opportunity to continue to use your expertise in future projects.