Press Release: Gov. Evers Signs Assembly Bill 297

Office of Governor Tony Evers
Gov. Evers Signs Assembly Bill 297
AMHERST Gov. Tony Evers today signed Assembly Bill 297, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 115. 

“Distracted or negligent driving is dangerous and can even be deadly. This bill is a critical step in ensuring the safety of workers on our roads, whether they’re emergency and first responders, construction and utility workers, or tow truck drivers,” said Gov. Evers. “I’m glad to sign this bill that will help make sure folks can do their jobs and respond to emergencies while keeping workers and travelers safe on our roads.”


Assembly Bill 297, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 115: 
  • Defines an “emergency or roadside response area” as a section of roadway within 500 feet of an authorized emergency vehicle giving a visible signal or a tow truck displaying flashing red lamps; 
  • Creates a new crime and penalty for traffic violations that result in bodily harm when the violations occur in a road construction area, utility work area, or emergency response area; 
  • Applies the existing doubling of fines for certain violations in a road construction area or utility work area to an emergency response area; and 
  • Requires the Department of Transportation to conduct an awareness campaign for the provisions in the bill.