Press Release: Treasurer Godlewski visits River Falls to address Housing and Homeownership

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Treasurer Godlewski visits River Falls to address Housing and Homeownership

RIVER FALLS, Wis. - Today, State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski joined local elected officials and community leaders in River Falls to address housing and homeownership. Godlewski toured an affordable housing project being led by WestCAP at 1300 South Main and then facilitated a roundtable discussion on how state and local officials, as well as community agencies, can partner to better prevent foreclosures and provide more affordable housing to those in need. 

“In the wake of COVID-19, more Wisconsinites are finding themselves in tough economic circumstances,” said Treasurer Godlewski. “Strengthening our connections across state, local, and community service agencies, we can help keep people safe and in their homes while we work to combat this awful virus and build toward economic recovery.”

State Treasurer Godlewski launched the Treasurers’ Homeownership Task Force on March 4, 2020, a proactive initiative to help Wisconsinites buy, maintain, and stay in their homes. When the COVID-19 public health emergency hit, the task force immediately began developing a foreclosure prevention program in response to unemployment and underemployment brought on by the virus. According to data, Wisconsinites were hit hard with foreclosures during the 2009 recession. The Treasurers’ Homeowners Task Force is committed to preventing these foreclosures and helping people stay in their homes. 

"As we head into the winter months and in the middle of a pandemic, it has never been more critical that we make sure people can stay safely in their homes. I was excited to have the opportunity to join Treasurer Godlewski today to learn more about her work on foreclosure prevention, and hear about the ongoing efforts of WestCAP to expand affordable housing here in River Falls and across this district."

The discussion included State Senator Patty Schachtner, Pierce County Treasurer Kathy Fuchs, Alderperson Diane Odeen, and WestCAP Executive Director Peter Kilde. Treasurer Godlewski will be hosting a similar event in Eau Claire on Friday.

Treasurer Godlewski River Falls Housing Roundtable

Treasurer Godlewski River Falls Housing Roundtable 2