RELEASE: Treasurer Godlewski, BCPL approves over $8 million Community Projects in July

Wisconsin Office of the State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski
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Treasurer Godlewski, BCPL approves over $8 million Community Projects in July

MADISON, Wis. - Today, State Treasurer Godlewski announced the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) approval of $8 million in funding for 21 community projects around Wisconsin in July. 

Burnett, Calumet, Green, Kenosha, La Crosse, Monroe, Oconto, Rock, Taylor, Trempealeau, Vilas, Walworth, Washington, and Waukesha counties all received financing for essential projects such as roadwork, fire prevention, and improving energy costs. 

“Amidst the pandemic, it is critical that our local communities continue to have access to funding for essential projects. These projects create jobs, curb energy costs, and keep people safe,” said BCPL Board Chair, Treasurer Godlewski. “Our office and the BCPL will continue to partner with municipalities and school districts to make these projects a reality.”

Notably, $1.85 million will be used to fix roads around the state. Additionally, water facilities totaling $3,085,800 are happening in the villages of Webster and Walworth and cities of La Crosse and Oconto Falls. 

The interest paid on these loans goes back to these communities in the form of books and technology for public school libraries. 

The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) unanimously approved $8,031,012.35 in State Trust Fund Loans to support these 21 community projects this month:

1. Town of La Follette / Burnett County / Finance roadwork / $371,361.40
2. Village of Webster / Burnett County / Finance water tower project / $92,800.00
3. City of Chilton / Calumet County / Finance State Street Reconstruction Project / $480,000.00
4. Monticello School District / Green County / Finance school energy projects / $40,000.00
5. Monticello School District / Green County / Refinance BCPL Loan #2006080 / $148,090.95
6. Town of Randall / Kenosha County / Finance roadwork / $200,000.00
7. City of La Crosse / La Crosse County / Finance WWTP projects / $2,500,000.00
8. City of La Crosse / La Crosse County / Finance property purchase / $590,000.00
9. Town of Sparta / Monroe County / Finance property reassessment / $55,000.00
10. City of Oconto Falls / Oconto County / Finance storm sewer project / $143,000.00
11. Town of Janesville / Rock County / Finance Fire Prevention Contract / $300,000.00
12. Town of Jump River / Taylor County / Finance roadwork / $310,000.00
13. Town of Aurora / Taylor County / Purchase of patrol truck and accessories / $150,000.00
14. Town of Preston / Trempealeau County / Finance new town shop/hall / $350,000.00
15. Presque Isle / Vilas County / Finance roadwork / $500,000.00
16. Village of Walworth / Walworth County / Finance sewer plant project / $350,000.00
17. Town of Addison / Washington County / Finance roadwork / $200,000.00
18. Town of Jackson / Washington County / Fire service contract and community center / $490,760.00
19. Nashotah / Waukesha County / Finance roadwork / $270,000.00
20.Summit / Waukesha County / Finance 2020 Capital Improvement Program / $300,000
21. Village of Elm Grove / Waukesha County / Finance excavator purchase / $190,000.00


Established in 1848 by the State Constitution, the BCPL consists of Board Chair and State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, Secretary of State Doug La Follette, and Attorney General Josh Kaul. The BCPL manages the Common School Fund, which was created in Article X of Wisconsin’s Constitution, as a permanent endowment to benefit public education.

The 2020 earnings of $38.2 million provide the nearly-sole source of state funding for K‑12 public school library materials. Additionally, Treasurer Godlewski led the board in making an additional disbursement of $5.25 million to support schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A list of 2020 library aid received by each public school district is available at:

To learn more about the agency, visit