PRESS RELEASE: Treasurer Godlewski Leads Task Force in Examining COVID-19 Impact on Retirement Security

Wisconsin Office of the State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski
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Treasurer Godlewski Leads Task Force in Examining COVID-19 Impact on Retirement Security


MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski brought Governor Evers’ Retirement Security Task Force together today for a virtual meeting to discuss the impact COVID-19 will have on the ongoing retirement crisis in Wisconsin. In leading the taskforce, Godlewski and members discussed key considerations for tackling long-term financial security in a post-COVID19 environment.  


“These are unprecedented times, and many Wisconsinites are struggling to meet their immediate needs,” said State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski. Prior to this pandemic, we heard from individuals and small businesses on the challenges to save for retirement. COVID-19 has revealed how financial security is too fragile for too many.” 


Retirement policy experts, Karen Andres of the Aspen Institute and Angela Antonelli from the Georgetown Center on Retirement Initiatives, led the discussion on how COVID-19 has affected retirees, those saving for retirement, and those with no retirement savings. The conversation included information on policy models from other states and initial findings on the effects of COVID-19.  


“COVID-19 has impacted Wisconsinites ability to retire in a financially secure manner,” said Treasurer Godlewski. “As a task force, it is essential we examine the impacts and use lessons learned to inform solutions to build a stronger financial future for Wisconsinites.”