ICYMI: State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski tackles Retirement Security as Chair of New Task Force

Wisconsin Office of the State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski
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ICYMI: State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski tackles Retirement Security as Chair of New Task Force


GREEN BAY – Last month, Governor Evers’ signed Executive Order #45 creating the Retirement Security Task Force, naming State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski as chair. Treasurer Godlewski has wasted no time in getting started tackling the important issue of retirement security.

Leading this task force, Treasurer Godlewski is working to build a greater understanding of the retirement security crisis in Wisconsin through first listening to people from across the state on the barriers they face in adequately saving.

“Everyone in Wisconsin should have financial security in their retirement. There’s so much more we could be doing to help Wisconsinites meet that goal,” said Treasurer Godlewski.  "Our first step is to listen to people from across the state and understand the barriers Wisconsinites are facing when it comes to saving for retirement. I'm excited to chair this retirement security task force and I look forward to making real progress on this critical issue"

Godlewski has already met with farmers in La Crosse, small business owners in Milwaukee, and held open listening session in Chippewa Falls and Kenosha. Listening to the stories of Wisconsinites will help inform solutions on how we can ensure every Wisconsinite has the opportunity to retire with peace of mind and financial security. More listening sessions are being scheduled over the next several months.

Today, Treasurer Godlewski joined Governor Evers’ in opening the first official meeting of the Retirement Security Task Force. Members of the task force were announced this week. Godlewski looks forward to working with this diverse and knowledgeable group of people.

“After years of hard work, Wisconsinites deserve the opportunity to have financial security when it comes time to retire,” Treasurer Godlewski said. “Our work will be informed by the stories I’ve heard traveling around the state on the barriers people face when saving for retirement. I look forward to leading this task force in developing pragmatic solutions that will not only help hardworking Wisconsinites, but also our economy.”

"Hardworking Wisconsinites deserve to have peace of mind and feel secure when they retire," said Treasurer Godlewski. "We know the current retirement system is not working and leaving our state and our citizens financially vulnerable. When a majority of folks across our state are feeling anxious about their retirement or that they won't have enough saved to handle retirement expenses, the time is now to tackle this important economic issue."