Press Release: Treasurer Godlewski, BCPL provide funding for Washburn, "win-win" project to cut cost of wastewater treatment by half.

Wisconsin Office of the State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski
Contact: or 608-266-1714

Treasurer Godlewski, BCPL to help Washburn Cut Wastewater Treatment Utility Costs in Half, a “Win-Win” Investment Promoting Environmental and Fiscal Health.


MADISON—In August, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) chaired by Treasurer Sarah Godlewski approved almost $16 million in loans across the state. The city of Washburn, Bayfield County, received $169,000 for wastewater treatment plant improvements expected to cut utility costs by half.

Treasurer Godlewski said, “One of my top priorities as Chair of the BCPL is to increase Win-Win investment opportunities. Our work with the City of Washburn is an example of a win-win investment. It’s not only good for the environment but will cut energy costs in half - saving money for the city." 

The equipment upgrades and installation of solar panels are expected to be complete by September 2019. The gains in energy efficiency will provide savings for the City of Washburn. 

According to City Administrator, Scott J. Kluver, “The BCPL is a quick and easy solution for municipalities like Washburn. Our long-term goal with this project is to reduce sewer utility costs and help us get on a better financial track… with the rate and flexibility of this loan and the reduced energy costs that these improvements will bring, we expect the loan to be able to pay itself off.”

Treasurer Godlewski concluded, “As Chair of the $1.2 billion school trust, I am committed to ensuring we do more win-win investments that provide sound financial returns to schools while benefiting all Wisconsinites. I look forward to working with more communities across Wisconsin to help cut costs while benefiting their citizens.”