Bulletin No. 1107: 2024 American Indian Veterans Service Grant

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December 1, 2023

WDVA Bulletin No. 1107                                                                                                 

TO: Tribal Veterans Service Offices

SUBJECT: 2024 American Indian Veterans Service Grant

In accordance with Wis. Stat. § 45.82(4) and Wis. Admin. Code Ch. VA 15, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) announces the 2024 American Indian Veterans’ Service (AIVS) Grant for improvement of services to Tribal Veterans. The WDVA may provide annual grants of up to $20,625 per grant to the governing body of a Wisconsin American Indian tribe or band that satisfy the requirements of Wis. Stat. 45.82(4) and Wis. Admin. Code Ch. VA 15. The maximum grant award will be determined by the number of Tribes requesting a grant.

To apply for a grant, a federally recognized American Indian Tribe or Band shall do the following by February 28, 2024:

  1. File a grant application (WDVA 0056B) with WDVA for the current fiscal year (7/1/23 – 6/30/24).
  2. File an application cover letter that includes a statement which addresses the respective Tribe’s goals and objectives for the Tribal Veterans Service Officer (TVSO) for calendar year 2024.
  3. File a Grant Agreement (WDVA 0056C) with the WDVA for calendar year 2024. The grant agreement must have the Tribe’s name inserted in the appropriate places and be signed by an authorized Tribal Government official and the TVSO.
  4. File a federal benefits service delivery report (WDVA 0056D) with WDVA for the preceding calendar year.
  5. File a certified copy of the budget adopted by the governing body of the Tribe or Band for Tribal Veterans Service Office operations for the calendar year 2024, signed by the TVSO or his/her designee or the Tribal clerk/treasurer or other tribal official, certifying that the submitted budget is true and correct.
  6. File a proposed budget for the use of the AIVS grant.

In cases where one CVSO/TVSO serves both a federally recognized Tribe or Band and a county, the governing body of the Tribe or Band is eligible for an AIVS grant or the county is eligible for a County Veterans’ Service Grant, pursuant to Wis. Stat. §45.82(2) &  Wis. Admin. Code Ch. VA 8, but the Tribe or Band and County are not each eligible for a grant under both programs.

The application packet for the 2024 American Indian Veteran’s Service Grants, WDVA 0056B, is now available online at:


Please submit completed application materials referenced above via email VetsBenefitsGrants@dva.wisconsin.gov no later than Wednesday, February 28, 2024, and use “2024 TVSO Grant” in the subject line.

For questions regarding the 2024 TVSO Grant, please send an email to VetsBenefitsGrants@dva.wisconsin.gov.

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