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WDVA Releases Survey Results from Wisconsin State Veterans Homes at King and Union Grove​​

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) released results of satisfaction surveys from the Wisconsin State Veterans Homes at King and Union Grove, which showed positive responses from residents and their families on the quality of the care, while also underscoring the need to retain and recruit talented workers. Residents, family members of residents, and employees of both homes provided answers to questions that were based on nursing home industry-standard surveys. The results released to the Joint Legislative Committee on Audit on Friday, August 7 serve as a reminder that WDVA’s Homes are remarkable places staffed by people dedicated to serving veterans and their loved ones.

“In order to plan for the future and provide the best level of service to veterans in our homes, we must hear from those who know these places best—those who live and work there, and loved ones of the residents,” said Secretary-designee James Bond.

“I’m thrilled to hear how much residents and family appreciate the excellent staff and feel well-cared for. We will continue our efforts to support our workers and recruit more talented individuals to work in our homes. Employees provided invaluable feedback that will be integral to planning for creating better workplaces and even better homes,” says Bond. You can view the full release at WDVA's Press Room.

Non profit and entrepreneurship grant promotion Aug 2023

WDVA Non-Profit and Entrepreneurship Grants Now Accepting Applications through August 31, 2023

WDVA is now accepting applications for two important grants that help veterans achieve their dreams and assist veteran families. Apply today for the WDVA Nonprofit Grant and the Entrepreneurship Grant. 

The WDVA Nonprofit Grant is awarded to registered nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance or other services to Wisconsin veterans and their families. The Non-Profit Grant provides up to $25,000 to each recipient, with a maximum of $250,000 awarded annually.

The WDVA Entrepreneurship Grant is awarded to registered nonprofit organizations that provide entrepreneurship training, technical support, or other assistance to the diverse group of veteran entrepreneurs in our state to improve employment outcomes. The Entrepreneurship Grant provides up to $100,000 to each recipient, with a maximum of $300,000 awarded.

Both applications are due on or before August 31, 2023. Please visit the WDVA grants page to learn more and how you can begin the application process.

If you have questions about the grant application process, please contact the WDVA Grants Unit at 1-800-WIS-VETS or email at: vetsbenefitsgrants@dva.wisconsin.gov. 

Sec Bond visits UW Superior Veteran Student Center - August 2023

WDVA Secretary Bond visits UW-Superior Veteran Student Center

WDVA Secretary-designee James Bond visited the UW-Superior Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center last week. He was joined by WDVA's Board of Veterans Affairs Chairman, Jason Maloney, as they met with their program's coordinator, Brendan Pillsbury, on how they work to assist veteran students.

*Pictured left to right: BOVA Chair Jason Maloney; WDVA Secretary James Bond; Brendan Pillsbury, veteran and non-traditional student programs coordinator; Kevin Riley, veteran student; and Lynn Karna, school certifying official.

Sec Bond meets with Ho Chunk Nation and TVL Melissa Doud

Secretary Bond meets with Ho-Chunk Nation veteran representatives

WDVA Secretary-designee James Bond and Tribal Veteran Liaison, Melissa Doud, met with representatives of the Ho-Chunk Nation on Tuesday, August 8, to strengthen ties and re-affirm our shared commitment to working together to deliver the earned benefits and services for Wisconsin's tribal veterans.

*Pictured left to right: Lynette “Bee” Hopinkah, Tribal Veteran Office Manager; Randall Blackdeer, Tribal Veteran Service Officer; Melissa Doud, WDVA Tribal Veteran Liaison; James Bond, WDVA Secretary-designee; Clayton Winneshiek, Ho-Chunk Tribal Chief and Director of Heritage Preservation.

PIT Count July 26 27.2023

VORP assists with Point-In-Time Count for Homeless Veterans

On July 26-27, WDVA outreach staff from our Veteran Outreach and Recovery Program (VORP) conducted a Point-In-Time (PIT) count all across Wisconsin which is an annual effort to estimate the number of Americans, including veterans, without safe, stable housing.

It is one of the important tools used to assess progress each year toward VA’s priority goal of ending homelessness among veterans. WDVA participates in these important counts to help those Wisconsin veterans who are homeless or facing homelessness get the help they need.

*Pictured with our VORP Staff are local volunteers and program staff from the Point-In-Time events that took place on Thursday following PIT for Sheboygan and La Crosse Counties. 


Wisconsin Women Veterans Registry Now Open

WDVA is excited to announce our new Wisconsin Women Veterans Registry! The Wisconsin Women Veterans Registry is a database of information voluntarily provided by Wisconsin women veterans who have served and are currently serving the United States armed forces.

This registry will help honor, recognize, and continuously communicate women's veteran information throughout the year.Take a few minutes to register today HERE. 


WDVA jobs posting Cooks at UG and King

Join our Team!

WDVA is Hiring

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs is hiring for multiple career opportunities at all levels of our department - from administrative positions to our nursing staff at our skilled care facilities. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our WDVA team near where you live! 

Featured job opening this month is for Cooks at our veterans home in King and Union Grove. These positions are eligible for a $2000 sign-on bonus. 

Great opportunities also exist at all levels around our state to start a new, rewarding career in service of our state's veteran community! 

Take a look at all available job openings for you to serve Wisconsin veterans. VIEW OPENINGS HERE!