WDVA June e-News

JUNE 2020

Veterans Home at Chippewa Falls

COVID-19 Nearly Absent at Wisconsin Veterans Homes

All three of the Wisconsin Veterans Homes recently completed a first round of member and staff COVID-19 testing as part of a statewide precautionary measure. While some results are still pending, we happily share that COVID-19 remains nearly absent on our campuses.

Only one asymptomatic member (who later tested negative multiple times) and three staff total across all three campuses (who have quarantined at home) tested positive. We credit our dedicated team, who diligently followed health and safety protocols, for preventing spread of the virus.

Regular updates can be found on our Veterans Home at King, Veterans Home at Union Grove, and Veterans Home at Chippewa Falls pages on the WDVA website. While our visitor restrictions remain in place, we have started developing plans to safely loosen our visitor policy when the appropriate time comes. Thank you for your patience.

Military Voices

Share Your Military Story With Future Generations

How did you come to serve in the military? What is your proudest moment? What lessons did you learn from your time in the service?

The StoryCorps Military Voices Initiative, in partnership with Wisconsin Public Radio, is collecting the stories of veterans, service members, and military families to archive in the Library of Congress. Recordings will occur in Green Bay and La Crosse. Not in a city StoryCorps will be visiting? You can record from anywhere with the StoryCorps smartphone app.

PTSD Awareness Month

PTSD Awareness Month

There are currently around eight million people in the United States with PTSD. Even though PTSD treatments work, many people who have PTSD don't get the help they need. June is PTSD Awareness Month. Help us spread the word that effective PTSD treatments are available, and it's never too late to get help. With treatment, many trauma survivors can feel safe in the world and live happy and productive lives.

WVM Movie Nights


While there's no date set yet, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum staff are actively preparing for the day when it is safe to re-open the museum's doors to visitors. In the meantime, join us at these upcoming virtual events:
Movie Night
Battle of Gettysburg Panel
Drink and Draw
Moses Hall


Our members at the Veterans Home at King can watch the progress on the construction of John R. Moses Hall, the campus' new state-of-the-art 24-hour skilled nursing facility, every day. But if you haven't been on campus, you may be surprised to see how far construction of the new Moses building has come.
Women Veterans


On June 12, we celebrated Women Veterans Day, recognizing the contributions women have made while serving the nation. We were grateful for the opportunity to celebrate this year with some of the women veterans in our Wisconsin Veterans Homes.

UG Car Parade


With COVID-19 precautions in place to protect our members, staff at the Veterans Home at Union Grove planned this socially distanced car parade to brighten the day of our members and their loved ones. Thank you to all of our participants! See our Facebook page for regular updates from all of the Wisconsin Veterans Homes.