Small Business Advisor - May 2021

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Small Business Advisor - May 2021

New Checklists Available for Air Permit Applicants

Air Permit Checklists

New air pollution control permit application checklists are now available. When applying for an air permit or exemption, applicants can use the checklists to aid their application process. The checklists are broken up into steps, and help the applicant include all pertinent information, required forms, emission calculation aids and payment and submittal instructions.

The checklists can be found on the DNR’s Air Permit and Compliance Forms webpage. Checklists are currently available for the following types of air permits/exemptions:

  • Operation permit renewals
  • Operation permit exemptions
  • Operation permit revisions
  • Construction permit revisions
  • Construction permit exemptions
  • PSD major (NR 405) construction permits
  • Minor source (NR 406) construction permits

For more information or questions about construction permit and exemption application checklists, contact Dave Minkey at (920) 585-0277 or

For more information or questions about operation permit and exemption application checklists, contact Mary Oleson (608) 789-5544 or

WisCon Safety Consultation Program

WisCon’s seventeen professional field staff can provide you with direct assistance on workplace health and safety rules and how they apply to your operation.  Call (800) 947-0553 or visit the website

WisCon now has a periodic newsletter on health and safety topics.  You can find it at

See below for WisCon training opportunities. 

DATCP Releases 2021 Clean Sweep Collections, Announces Changes to Grant Application Timeline

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's (DATCP) Clean Sweep Program has released its 2021 Clean Sweep Collections list. The list includes local governments that have received a grant to host a site or event that collects household hazardous waste, agricultural hazardous waste and very small quantities of hazardous waste from businesses. 

The Wisconsin Clean Sweep Program has also announced that the grant application timeline has been changed from previous years. The 2022 Clean Sweep Grant application period will be announced April 19, 2021 and will close by May 28, 2021

Learn more about the Wisconsin Clean Sweep Program.

Energy Department OKs $110M for Climate-focused Small Businesses

Diverse small businesses have the power to unlock next-generation climate innovations and the U.S. Department of Energy is giving them a leg up through a $110 million grant round supporting 102 projects in 24 states. "For any small business owner, every new bit of money is a game-changer that frees them up to pursue bold new ideas in earnest," said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.  Read the full story: Department of Energy.

Go to the Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer website to learn how to apply for the next round of grants. 

Input Opportunities

Healthy Watersheds, High-Quality Waters Initiative

To draw attention to the state's finest waterbodies, the DNR's Water Quality Program has launched a Healthy Watersheds, High-Quality Waters (HWHQW) initiative. This new focus on the "already healthy" waterbodies and watersheds – or land area draining to a lake, stream or wetland – is intended to celebrate these treasures and draw attention to the ecological, financial and societal benefits of protecting clean water.

The goal of this initiative is to keep 100% of the priority healthy watersheds and high-quality waters within them at or better than their current conditions through 2025. The success of the initiative depends on meaningful partnerships. In spring 2021, the DNR is engaging partners to help develop a five-year action plan with the following objectives.

  • Increase capacity to provide technical assistance to partners.
  • Increase utilization of funding for protection.
  • Leverage and adapt existing program tools to achieve results.
  • Increase external awareness of protection priority areas and activities.

Opportunities to join the discussion:

  • Friday, May 14 (9-11 a.m.): Lake, River & Watershed Management Partners (webinar registration)
  • Wednesday, May 19 (9-11 a.m.): Business Partners, including Tourism, Real Estate & Agriculture (webinar registration)
  • Wednesday, June 2 (9-11 a.m.): Local, State & Federal Government Partners (webinar registration)

The healthy watersheds, high-quality waters webpage has additional information and resources.

Training Opportunities

WisCon Weekly Webinars May 2021

The Weekly Webinar is a short (15-20 minute) weekly presentation on workplace health and safety topics followed by an open question and answer period.  Join each webinar live at  Questions entered online during the presentation will be answered at the end of the presentation.  If the answer isn’t available immediately, it will be addressed the following week.

Remaining May topics include: 

  • 17 MAY – What is an OSHA Compliance Directive
  • 24 MAY – Heat Illness

For other training programs available from WisCon, go to the Safety and Health Training webpage at


U.S. EPA Webinar: “Achieving Zero Waste with Innovative Reuse and Recycling Contracts”

In this webinar, on May 25, 2021 at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Central time, the presenters will share innovative zero waste contracting approaches to reducing and managing materials to advance source reduction, reuse, and recycling. The U.S. Forest Service will share their strategies for achieving net zero waste at all large fire incidents by 2030, and Urban Ore, Inc., will discuss their transfer station salvage, reuse and recycling contract with the City of Berkeley.

The Forest Service’s model Blanket Purchase Agreement (executed in 2019) standardized recycling systems and signage and provided standardized reporting for large fire incidents in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon and Washington. The model can be adapted for use by organizations with multiple facilities, campuses or events. In 2021, the City of Berkeley established a contact with Urban Ore, Inc., to advance the city’s Zero Waste Goal and reduce operational costs associated with long-haul transportation and landfill disposal.

Learn more about this webinar and register today!