Small Business Advisor - April 2020

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Small Business Advisor - April 2020

U.S. EPA selects a new Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman

In March, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the selection of Paula Zampieri Hoag as the new Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman (ASBO) within the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU). Paula has worked in OSDBU since the summer of 2006, and specifically in the ASBO program since 2008. As part of OSDBU, Paula has assisted the small business community both directly as a small business advocate and liaison within EPA, and through her collaborations with federal and other external stakeholders, such as the State Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs (SBEAP).

As the ASBO, Paula will focus on supporting small business compliance assistance programs, advocating for small business during agency rule development, and promoting sustainability resources for the small business community.  Contact information for the U.S. EPA ASBO office:

EPA’s Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman Hotline: (800) 368-5888

Paula Hoag, EPA’s Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman (ASBO)

Lea Carmichael, EPA ASBO - Program Analyst

Elnora Thompson, EPA ASBO - Management Analyst

Harriet Edwards, ASBO Hotline Staff/EPA S.E.E. Grantee

Chester Eiland, ASBO Hotline Staff/EPA S.E.E. Grantee

New OSHA guidance on respirator use during N95 shortage

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued interim enforcement guidance to help combat supply shortages of disposable N95 filtering face piece respirators (N95 FFRs). The action marks OSHA’s latest step to ensure the availability of respirators and follows the President’s Memorandum on Making General Use Respirators Available.

Due to the impact on workplace conditions caused by limited supplies of N95 FFRs, employers should reassess their engineering controls, work practices and administrative controls to identify any changes they can make to decrease the need for N95 respirators.

Learn more at:

U.S. Chamber offers Small Business Virtual Town Hall – Fridays at 12 P.M.

Targeted at small businesses, the intent of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce virtual town halls is to share resources and help small businesses navigate this challenging time.  Watch the most recent town hall here:     

Learn more about the resources provided by the U.S. Chamber for small businesses at

Hazardous waste rule development update

DNR’s hazardous waste program has been working on capturing federal regulations promulgated since Wisconsin last received authorization from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Current rule revisions will capture, along with other promulgated federal rules, the Generator Improvement Rule, Definition of Solid Waste Rule, Pharmaceutical Rule and Safe Management of Recalled Airbag Rule. To the extent possible, the DNR intends to adopt equivalent content and format of the promulgated federal regulations. The current rule package is currently under Legislative review, with a potential 2020 promulgation date.

Resources to assist interested parties in preparing for the proposed regulatory changes can be found below, including the EPA's “checklists” that allow you to view rules by publication dates.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “checklists”

State documents related to proposed rule changes

A summary of the federal rules under evaluation for adoption is outlined in the fiscal estimate and Economic Impact Analysis for the current rule package.