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Small Business Advisor - Special Announcment

Going Live! A new Asbestos Renovation and Demolition Notification (ARDN) online system will be available February 24

The Asbestos Renovation and Demolition Notification (ARDN) online system will be unavailable from February 23rd at 8:00 am through February 24th at 12:00 pm. After that, the new online notification and fee payment system will be available.  

If a notification is time sensitive during the outage on February 23 and 24, submit form 4500-113 along with the fee payment and the 10 day waiting period begins the date of postmark.  [Be sure to use Internet Explorer to open the PDF form.] 

Why is there a new ARDN online system? 

To accurately reflect Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources rule requirements, fees for asbestos renovation and demolition notifications will now be due at the time of submittal. Previously, notifications could be submitted online with payment made at a later date.

Online ARDN upgrades are going live February 24th at 12:00 pm to satisfy s. NR 410.05(1), Wis. Adm. Code, which states the fee is a requirement for complete notification. These fees are integral to supporting notification review and inspections of demolition and renovation projects and ensuring public safety.

How do I submit a notification?

Notifications can be submitted in one of two ways, either online (ARDN) or via paper. However, both options require fee submission at the time of the notification. Online submitters will make payments using the electronic payment system in ARDN. Paper notifications must have the required fee included with the notification form.

To submit an online notification and fee payment in the new ARDN system the submitter must have:

  1. A unique Wisconsin Web Access Management System (WAMS) ID
  2. The asbestos role selected in the AIRS system
  3. Mailed an original ink-signed Electronic Signature Agreement to DNR and have it on file

How do I get help?