Small Business Advisor - January 2020

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Small Business Advisor - January 2020

Annual reporting deadlines for DNR programs are coming soon!

Each year facilities throughout the state that emit air pollutants are required to report their emissions to the DNR. These emissions are reported using the Air Reporting System (ARS) which is a web‐based software program.  Information on ARS, air pollutant chemicals, where to get help on reporting emissions and data on historical emissions are available  The Air Report is due by March 1 but extensions to March 15 may be granted.

Facilities with an air pollution permit are also required to submit annual compliance certification and monitoring summary reports. The majority of permits have deadlines of either January 31 or March 1 for these reports. Read your permit carefully for the correct deadline. Learn more about how to file these reports electronically here:

Wisconsin's hazardous waste regulations require several types of hazardous waste generators to report to the DNR every year on their regulated waste activities. The report, which covers activities during the previous calendar year, is generally available in mid‐January and must be submitted to the DNR by March 1 each year. All reporting is done through an online system.  Learn more here:  Waste reports are due by March 1 and the code does not allow for an extension of that deadline.

A number of reports are required for Industrial facilities with wastewater discharge under their Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permits. Check your permit(s) for each report that may be required, including deadlines and frequencies. For more information on filing WPDES reports, go to:

Learn about air emissions reports and permit policy updates at local seminars hosted by FET

The Federation of Environmental Technologists, Inc. (FET, Inc.) is hosting three seminars on Air Emissions, Reporting, Permit and Policy Updates in January 2020. 

  • January 23, Thursday, at Liberty Hall in Kimberly
  • January 28, Tuesday, at the Double Tree by Hilton in Brookfield
  • January 30, Thursday, at the Wilderness Hotel in Wisconsin Dells

DNR air program staff will be there presenting important information about the annual reports and other policy updates.  There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about your specific emissions report one-on-one with Grant Hetherington, the Emissions Inventory Coordinator.    

In addition, you can learn:

  • How to use the federal e-reporting system called CEDRI, where all notifications and reports for federal requirements like National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants must be submitted to US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • How to better manage compliance with all parts of your permit and other air pollution requirements by preparing a compliance plan for your facility.
  • What are key legal issues that may impact air rules at the state and federal level for the coming year.

The full agenda is found on FET's website:   You can complete the registration form at the bottom of the agenda and submit that via email to FET.  

Information for Air Pollution Registration Permits all in one place

Have you wondered whether your facility is eligible for a Air Pollution Registration Operation Permit (ROP)?  Are you looking for copies of the current ROPs or their application forms?  Did you delete the Compliance Reminder emails sent by DNR and you want to re-read one of the topics?  

Now you can find all documents related to the Air Program's ROPs on one page:  Each type of ROP has its own section that includes links to a short summary description of the permit, the current permit, the specific form to apply for that permit, related attachments that may need to be included, and an Application Guide to help explain what is needed to complete the application forms.  

The section on Compliance Resources includes links to the annual permit compliance certification form (4530-178), the monitoring summary checklist (4530-179) that can be used for the monitoring and compliance demonstration report, and copies of past Compliance Reminder emails sent by the DNR's Small Business Environmental Assistance Program. 

Any questions on ROPs can be directed to