Small Business Advisor - July 2019

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Small Business Advisor - July 2019

Auto body refinishing operations can find regulatory information in one place

DNR provides a variety of tools to help auto body refinishing shops (a.k.a. collision repair shops) in Wisconsin understand which of several state and federal regulations affect their operations. Among the regulations that might apply is the USEPA’s Area Source Rule for Paint Stripping and Miscellaneous Surface Coating Operations. To help shops comply, the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) developed a comprehensive self-certification checklist and other tools that summarize the area source rule as well as other regulations.

For some time, these tools and resources were found on multiple web pages. Now they can all be found on one page: Resources are organized by air, waste and water regulations, but the comprehensive checklist is found under the Environmental Results Program tab. A separate training tab provides resources about painter training requirements that must be updated every 5 years under the USEPA area source rule.

Based on when initial training was required to be completed, the painter training requirements for many shops are coming due in 2020. Now is a good time for shops to remind themselves of the requirements and seek out training resources. Alternatively, shops that have changed the paints they use could be eligible to petition for an exemption from the rule. To be exempt from the rule, the shop must demonstrate to USEPA that they do not spray apply any coatings that contain compounds of chromium (Cr), lead (Pb), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), or cadmium (Cd). An example of the petition for exemption is available here: Wisconsin shops should send the petition to the USEPA Region V office in Chicago, Illinois at the address indicated on the petition form.

Contact SBEAP with any questions on the information provided on the auto body web page by calling the helpline at 1-855-889-3021 or emailing


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Air Program debuts easier way to track permit progress

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Air Program has added a new progress bar in the Permit Search Tool to make permit tracking easier for facilities. The blue-shaded progress bar is displayed on each facility’s permit tracking page, under the “Permits and Permit Applications tab.”

As each step of the permit application review process is completed, a section of the blue bar at the bottom is filled in. Hovering over each section of the progress bar will display text indicating the completed step and associated date. The progress bar will replace the “Permit Milestones” table, serving as an easier, more visual way of tracking a permit's progress.


tracking bar 1
tracking bar 2


This is a construction symbol that may appear and means the department is waiting for additional information to complete the air permit review process. Facilities can contact the assigned permit writer for clarification as to what additional information is necessary.

When the entire bar is filled in blue, the air permit has been issued.

Questions regarding the new progress bar can be sent to Megan Corrado,, (608) 405-0327.


tracking bar 3