Air News: Air Program debuts easier way to track permit progress

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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Air Program

July 8, 2019

Air Program debuts easier way to track permit progress

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Air Program has added a new progress bar in the Permit Search Tool to make permit tracking easier for facilities. The blue-shaded progress bar is displayed on each facility’s permit tracking page, under the “Permits and Permit Applications tab.”

As each step of the permit application review process is completed, a section of the blue bar at the bottom is filled in. Hovering over each section of the progress bar will display text indicating the completed step and associated date. The progress bar will replace the “Permit Milestones” table, serving as an easier, more visual way of tracking a permits progress.




This is a construction symbol that may appear and means the department is waiting for additional information to complete the air permit review process. Facilities can contact the assigned permit writer for clarification as to what additional information is necessary.

When the entire bar is filled in blue, the air permit has been issued.


Questions regarding the new progress bar can be sent to Megan Corrado,, (608) 405-0327.