Small Business Advisor - December 2018

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Small Business Advisor - December 2018

Gas Calendar Coming Soon!

Gas station owners and operators in Wisconsin should be receiving the 2019-2020 Compliance Calendar for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities in the mail soon. The calendar, published by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP), is mailed out to all registered tank owners at the beginning of the calendar year every other year.

The Compliance Calendar provides tools and resources to help gasoline dispensing facilities comply with environmental requirements related to the transfer of fuel; including regulatory summaries, worksheets, checklists, record keeping logs and reminders of important dates. These tools can help gas stations meet regulatory requirements such as inventory tracking, leak detection and equipment inspections, operator designations and training, and tank permit and insurance renewals. If operators keep their calendar on file for five years, it can serve as part of the facility’s official record. Anyone who receives this calendar but is not the owner or operator of the gasoline dispensing facility should forward it to the person at the facility who is responsible for complying with environmental regulations.

Any gas station that does not receive a calendar, would like additional copies, wants to change mailing information or has questions about environmental regulations should call SBEAP at (855) 889-3021 (toll free) or send an e-mail to The calendar and separate record keeping and checklist pages can also be viewed online. Visit and search for keyword “gas stations.”

Electronic signature available for official Air Program reports

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Air Program successfully piloted e-signature for compliance certification and monitoring reports uploaded electronically in 2018.  Facilities required to submit a compliance certification or monitoring report in 2019 may sign their electronically uploaded reports using e-signature.  Facilities should refer to their current air permit for the appropriate deadlines.  

Compliance certifications and monitoring reports require a signature from the Responsible Official.  To use e-signature, the Responsible Official must:

  1. have a unique Wisconsin User (WAMS) ID, and have the air compliance submittal role; and
  2. have mailed an ink-signed Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) to DNR.

For information on how to submit the reports electronically, including how to get a WAMS ID, visit the Air compliance submittal actions electronic reporting page.

For more information on e-signature, visit the Switchboard e-signature services webpage. Contact with general questions about e-signature.

For questions related to using e-signature for the Air Program’s compliance certifications and monitoring reports, contact Emily Houtler, Air Program, 608-267-0803,

E-cycle this holiday season!

The DNR is running an E-Cycle Wisconsin ad campaign to promote electronics recycling during and after the holidays. Watch the new 15-second video to learn more!

Visit the E-Cycle Wisconsin outreach materials page for free videos, PSAs, newsletter articles and publications.

Free Safety Training from WisCon

WisCon workshops are provided free of charge to the Wisconsin business community by the University of Wisconsin. This is possible because of a cooperative agreement between UW Madison and federal OSHA under the onsite consultation program. The sites have limited seating, so please be sure and register early.

WisCon now offers webinars.  The first one will be in December 2018 on the OSHA Site Specific Targeting Program (SST-16).  Registrants will get an email with information on how to log in and attend the online webinar.  Registration is still available:  Dec 20, 2018, OSHA SST-16, Register Now

You can find a full listing of upcoming courses, along with registration links on the WisCon website at .