Small Business Advisor - Special Edition - December 2018

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Small Business Advisor - Special Edition - December 2018

Electronic signature available for official Air Program reports

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Air Program successfully piloted e-signature for compliance certification and monitoring reports uploaded electronically in 2018.  Facilities required to submit a compliance certification or monitoring report in 2019 may sign their electronically uploaded reports using e-signature.  Facilities should refer to their current air permit for the appropriate deadlines.  

Compliance certifications and monitoring reports require a signature from the Responsible Official.  To use e-signature, the Responsible Official must:

  1. have a unique Wisconsin User (WAMS) ID, and have the air compliance submittal role; and
  2. have mailed an ink-signed Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) to DNR.

For information on how to submit the reports electronically, including how to get a WAMS ID, visit the Air compliance submittal actions electronic reporting page.   

For more information on e-signature, visit the Switchboard e-signature services webpage: Contact with general questions about e-signature.

For questions related to using e-signature for the Air Program’s compliance certifications and monitoring reports, contact Emily Houtler, Air Program, 608-267-0803,