Air News: Air Quality Trends Report

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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Air Program

October 11, 2018

Air Program report shows that monitored air pollutant levels continue to decrease statewide

The Air Quality Trends Report, released this month, shows the air quality in the state continues to improve. The report provides official state monitoring data through 2017 for air pollutants and shows that concentrations of most pollutants regulated under the Clean Air Act have been decreasing over the past decade throughout the state.  

Many success stories are highlighted in the report, including reductions in pollutants like sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particles.  

Available in this year’s report is emissions data for criteria and precursor pollutants. The Air Program monitors emissions pollutants that are either emitted directly from various sources or those that form in the atmosphere via chemical reactions between other emitted pollutants, known as precursors. Wisconsin has seen dramatic reductions in emissions since 2002; in fact, emissions of ozone-forming pollutants (NOx and VOCs) have decreased 50 percent.

The report is available on DNR’s air quality trends webpage, which also includes an interactive map where users can view data from monitoring sites around the state.

To view more information on Wisconsin's air quality, go to DNR's website and search "air quality."