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Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine May 2016 Reviews and Previews

Previews & Reviews

May 2016

6 week old northern pike
Photo credit: Charles Larscheid

Caring for our waters

The June issue features many ways to get involved to improve our waters and fight invasive species.

Common Loon

Loon Language

Common loons have been making their way back to their home lakes in northern Wisconsin. Listen to their calls and find out what they're saying.
Photo credit: Loon Watch

Tracking down wild edible mushrooms

Time to go mushroom hunting

Learn how to track down those ephemeral delicacies--Mushrooms Galore 

Photo credit: Hans G. Schabel


Invasive Jumping Worms

Creepy crawly in Wisconsin

As you set out for gardening this season, keep an eye out for these crawly invasive jumping worms.

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WNR Magazine May 2016

Coming in June...

Learn to Hunt and Fish for Dinner

Keeping it Wild: Outdoor Food and Forays

CSI Mendota: Using DNA to find invasives

Wisconsin Traveler-Hops meets history at Potosi Brewery
Photo credit: Eric Verbeten

Wisconsin Traveler

Hops meets history at the Potosi Brewery--How one of the state's oldest breweries came back to life.