[FoodShare] Changes Related to Issuing Temporary QUEST Cards

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Changes Related to Issuing Temporary QUEST Cards

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has revised how temporary QUEST cards are issued to ensure that policies and processes across agencies are consistent and equitable.

As of December 1, to request a temporary card:

  1. Individuals must fill out a Temporary QUEST Card Request form, F-02260A and submit it to the agency.
  2. Eligibility for a temporary QUEST card will be determined after the form is submitted and the requestor will be informed of the decision while at the agency.
  3. When an individual is issued a temporary QUEST card, the agency will assist them with activating the card. This ensures the card will be ready to use when they leave the agency.

Not everyone who requests a temporary QUEST card will receive one.

FoodShare QUEST card

New temporary QUEST card limit

A limit of one temporary QUEST card can be issued per FoodShare case in a rolling 12-month period unless the household meets the criteria for an exception. Exceptions include:

  • Expedited issuance: Temporary QUEST cards issued to households recently approved for expedited benefits do not count toward the temporary card limit.
  • Extenuating circumstances: When a case has already reached the limit for temporary QUEST cards, a temporary card may still be issued if all other eligibility criteria are met and it is determined that the person can’t wait for a new permanent card to arrive in the mail. Examples of extenuating circumstances include:
    • The requester’s card was lost due to a household misfortune.
    • Their permanent card doesn’t work, and they need to purchase food right away to help with a medical condition.

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