DHS Update: Enhancements to Partner Resources and Webpages

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

ForwardHealth Community Partners


Updates for local agencies, community-based organizations, and providers that offer help to members of Wisconsin's health and nutrition assistance programs.

Enhancements to Partner Resources and Webpages

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is continuously working to enhance the information and communication products we offer. We have recently made updates to the usability of the FoodShare at a Glance Report and our ForwardHealth Partner Resources webpages to make it easier for you to find the information and resources you need.

Updates to the FoodShare at a Glance report format

DHS is very excited to announce a new interactive dashboard format for the FoodShare at a Glance Report. We are proud to share it as a tool to improve transparency and help users more efficiently find the data they are looking for.

The FoodShare at a Glance report summarizes FoodShare caseload and member demographic information. As of December 1, 2023, the information from the report will be presented in an interactive data dashboard. Previously, the report was a static PDF providing data for a given month. It is updated each month and has been published monthly since September 2001.

This dashboard will ensure that partners, members, and the public have continuous access to caseload and member demographic information and allows for a deeper dive into FoodShare data. It also lets users filter the data to easily find the specific information they are looking for. Users can choose to filter the data by county of residence, benefit month, or demographics like sex and race.

In addition, historical data and trends will now be available within the dashboard. Users can compare trends over the past one- and five-year periods.

New partner webpages published

Partners are encouraged to check out the new ForwardHealth Partner Resources webpages. These webpages create a central hub for partners to easily find key resources related to Medicaid and food assistance programs.

These pages organize partner resources based on topic:

DHS is providing more robust and easy-to-navigate resources to partners to help make the applicant and member experience more consistent throughout the state. Partners can use the new webpages to:

  • Find key program policy and messaging.
  • Familiarize new staff with how our programs work.
  • Find answers to questions from applicants and members.