FoodShare Application Has Been Updated

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FoodShare Application Has Been Updated

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has updated and consolidated the forms included in the FoodShare application.

The Wisconsin FoodShare Application, F-16019, is now the only application form. Previously, there were two versions of the application: A (registration form) and B (full application). F-16019A and F-16019B will be removed from the Forms Library and links will be redirected to the new form.

The new layout highlights that an application can be made with only a name, address, and signature. This sets the filing date, which is the date benefits can start. Instructions state that all other information is optional. However, households will still need to give additional information to determine eligibility.

Though priority FoodShare screening is optional, we highly encourage applicants to complete this section so their application can be reviewed for priority service.

Please note, during the unwinding period through May 2024, call volumes are expected to be high and FoodShare interviews are not required if the agency has all the needed information to process the request. We encourage applicants to fill out as much information in the application as possible to determine eligibility and streamline the application process.

When to use the new application

The new version is now available in the DHS Forms Library and can be used immediately. Any printed version that you currently have can be used up. DHS will be using up existing print stock. Applicants can use all versions of FoodShare applications during this transition.

More information about all the ways a person could apply for benefits, including online through the ACCESS website, can be found here: FoodShare: How to Apply | Wisconsin Department of Health Services.