Action Needed: COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory Information on

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine Program

This email is being sent to local health officers, tribal health officers, COVID-19 vaccinators, COVID-19 vaccine stakeholders, HERC coordinators, and key DHS staff.

Action Needed: COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory Information on

Vaccinators Will Manage and Report

Currently, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) manages the inventory information on on behalf of vaccinators. Effective August 2, 2023, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) will transfer the responsibility of managing and reporting COVID-19 vaccine inventory information on to vaccinators.

Maintaining inventory information on is an expectation within the CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Agreement. The Agreement states that “All COVID-19 vaccination providers must report COVID-19 vaccine inventory weekly into”. This agreement will remain in effect until the vaccines are commercialized and applies to all federally purchased vaccine.

As part of the transfer process, vaccinators will have their COVID-19 vaccine inventories set to zero on August 2 at 5:00 a.m. Vaccinators will then need to repopulate their vaccine inventory information. Going forward, vaccinators will be responsible for managing and reporting vaccine inventory information on a regular basis.

All vaccinators who have completed registration for a COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account are able to manage and report their vaccine inventory information. If you wish to register for, please email to arrange an invitation.

Adding, Removing and Reporting COVID-19 Vaccines on

  1. Login to your COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account at
  2. Click the COVID-19 Vaccines link and then Add Vaccines button
  3. After you click Add Vaccines, you will see a screen where you can select the vaccine(s) and specify which location(s) where the new vaccines should be added.
  4. Once you have selected the vaccine(s) and location(s), click the Add Vaccines button at the bottom of the page to save. Note that you can also cancel at any time and return to the Inventory Update Screen.
  5. After clicking the Add Vaccines button, you will see a graphic that confirms your selections. It will state that “Your vaccines have been added!” and it will list that you have updated your inventory by adding (number) vaccines to (number) locations.
  6. Once you add vaccines, they will automatically appear on the Update Inventory Log Manually page.

The process to add COVID-19 vaccines as well as remove them from inventory is outlined and can be done by visiting:

For instructions on how to report inventory, visit: Support

The CDC and provides resources for vaccinators.

DHS will continue to provide support to vaccinators if vaccinators need to change their name and/or address.

For website errors, or changes to location name, appointed coordinators, or posted address, please email with the subject VACCINES.GOV.

If your location is no longer administering COVID-19 vaccines, please contact to request inactivation.       

For password resets, or general account/login-related questions, contact the CDC’s team at