1/24/23 Update—Abbott Formula Recall and Shortage: Update for Health Care Providers serving WIC participants

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1/24/23 Update—Wisconsin DHS Health Alert #40

This letter is an update to Wisconsin DHS Health Alert #40 (issued 2/18/2022) and a previous update (issued 2/25/22).

Abbott Formula Recall and Shortage—Update for Health Care Providers serving WIC participants

This letter is to inform you that the Wisconsin WIC Program is beginning to transition back to Similac formula after the recent Similac recall. Beginning March 1, 2023, WIC participants must resume the purchase of Similac products when using WIC benefits, unless a specialty formula is required for medical reasons. Approved Similac products are listed on the Wisconsin WIC Approved Formula Substitutions list.

Similac for Spit-Up is no longer available as a contract formula for Wisconsin WIC due to discontinuation of production by Abbott. Enfamil AR is recommended as a replacement for Similac for Spit-Up. Enfamil AR will require a medical request form because it is not a standard contract formula.

You can find information about the formula shortage and recall on our DHS Wisconsin WIC website at https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/wic/.

For further questions or concerns please contact Kari Malone, Wisconsin State WIC Director or Kaila Baer, Wisconsin WIC Nutrition Services Coordinator.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership to assure safe and adequate nutrition for our children.


Jasmine Zapata, MD, MPH, FAAP
Chief Medical Officer and State Epidemiologist for Community Health
Bureau of Community Health Promotion
Division of Public Health
Wisconsin Department of Health Services