FoodShare Renewals Starting Again in January 2022

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FoodShare Renewals Starting Again in January 2022

Starting on January 1, 2022, required FoodShare renewals will no longer be postponed for any members. If members do not complete their annual renewal, they will lose their benefits for the following month.

For most members, renewals usually take place 12 months after a FoodShare member starts getting benefits, and a member must complete an interview. Over the past two years these dates have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic public health emergency.

For more information about how the pandemic has affected programs like FoodShare and BadgerCare Plus, visit the DHS website

What is a FoodShare renewal and how do members complete it?

Once a person or household starts getting FoodShare benefits, they must complete a FoodShare renewal at least once per year. Some members may need to complete a renewal more often. This renewal is to confirm that members still meet all program rules and to ensure that the amount of benefits a household gets is correct.

During their renewal, members will be asked many of the same questions they are asked when they apply for FoodShare. If a member does not complete their renewal (or an interview, more on this in the FoodShare renewal interview information below), their benefits will end.

Members will get a letter in the mail or by email in the month before their renewal is due. Members will also be alerted that they need to complete a renewal in their ACCESS account.

The letter will also tell a member how they can complete their renewal. Members can complete their renewal in multiple ways:

FoodShare renewal interview information

Every household that has FoodShare benefits must complete an interview when they renew their benefits. Members must complete an interview by the 10th business day of the month their benefits will end. Dates will be provided in the renewal letter.

Members can complete their interview over the phone or in person at their agency. Only an adult household member is allowed to complete the interview and provide a signature.

Members may also be asked to verify, or provide proof of, information they provided in their renewal or during their interview.

Important dates regarding renewals

  • Most renewals occur 12 months after a household starts getting their FoodShare benefits. Some members may need to complete a renewal more often.
  • In the month before their renewal is due, households will get a letter or email telling them that they need to renew their benefits.
  • Members must complete an interview by the 10th business day of the month their benefits will end.

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