Membership Vacancy on the Governor's Committee on Persons with Disabilities

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Governor's Committee on Persons with Disabilities: Membership Vacancy

Vacancy and Application Information

The Governor’s Committee for People with Disabilities (GCPD) is looking for a person with a disability to fill a vacancy on the Committee. The GCPD is charged with advising the Governor and state agencies on problems faced by people with disabilities, reviewing legislation affecting people with disabilities, promoting the effective operation of publicly-administered programs serving people with disabilities, and encouraging the effective involvement of people with disabilities in government. Committee members represent specific disability constituencies including blindness and visual impairment, deaf and hard of hearing, developmental disabilities, mental health, physical disabilities, and alcohol and other drug abuse. The committee meets every other month (meetings are currently held virtually).

This past year, the GCPD had a special focus on the impact of COVID on people with disabilities, including their ability to access health care services during the pandemic. A survey was conducted to learn more about the experiences of people with disabilities. Please visit the GCPD website to learn more about this survey and about the GCPD. 

GCPD members are appointed by the Governor. If you are a person with a disability and you are interested in joining the GCPD, please apply by filling out this online application. Please be sure to list GCPD as the committee you would like to serve on.