COVID-19 Testing Tips

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COVID-19 Testing Tips

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) would like to remind facilities of their COVID-19 testing lab contacts and testing procedures. There has been an increase in testing recently, which has resulted in many rejected samples. To increase the chance of successful testing, please do the following:

  • Include the FULL name, date of birth, date and time of collection on each sample and requisition.
  • Check that samples have matching information on both the requisition form and the sample label.
  • Ship samples the same day.

For facilities using Fulgent Picture kits, please:

  • Register your samples in the Picture portal. Do not write names on the samples.
  • Check that the sample has been completely activated in your Picture Portal. Note the kit activation code (P1_____, located on the outside of the box and on the collection tube), and the FedEx tracking number in case you need to follow up on the test.
  • Ship samples the same day. Please note that FedEx does not ship on weekends, so it is recommended to ship samples Monday-Thursday.

Please contact your lab partner below if you need more detailed information.

Testing Supplies
Ordering of testing supplies based on your level of community transmission can be placed through the ordering website.

Community Transmission Routine Testing Frequency:
Low (blue), testing not recommended
Moderate (yellow), test once a week*
Substantial (orange), test twice a week*
High (red), test twice a week*
*Vaccinated staff do not need to be routinely tested

If you are using BinaxNow rapid antigen tests, results must be reported per State and Federal requirements. See Reporting Guidance Document for information on how to report your results.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the COVID Testing Task Force at