COVID-19 Vaccine Data Webpage Updates

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Wisconsin Immunization Vaccinators for COVID-19

Updates to Vaccine Data Website

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) continues its commitment to provide the state with up-to-date and relevant data relating to COVID-19 vaccinations. Today DHS has unveiled a redesign of the Vaccine Distribution Summary as well as new visualizations displaying vaccinations by age group and gender.

The Vaccine Distribution Summary has been updated in hopes of providing more clarity and transparency on the distribution process. The Shipped category has been replaced with two new categories: Ordered and In transit. Ordered represents the cumulative total number of doses that have been ordered by COVID-19 vaccine providers in Wisconsin and shipped by the federal government from the state’s total allocation. The In transit category reflects COVID-19 vaccine orders from the previous week that have been shipped by the federal government and are en route to vaccine locations in Wisconsin.

The new age and sex coverage visualizations display vaccination data by doses received and percent coverage of Wisconsin residents. The total number represents how many Wisconsinites have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and is broken down by age groups and sex. Coverage is calculated as a percent of the total population within each category and helps us understand how well different populations are protected from COVID-19. Until COVID-19 vaccines become widely available to the general public, we expect these coverage percentages to be relatively small.