N95 Fit Testing Resources for Assisted Living Staff

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N95 Fit Testing Resources for Assisted Living Staff

The CDC and OSHA recommend the use of a fit-tested N95 respirator by healthcare personnel caring for residents suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 to assist in controlling the spread among long-term care populations. In conjunction with the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene (WSLH), the Department of Health Services (DHS) will be providing respiratory protection resources for assisted living facilities (ALF), including instructional videos on Respiratory Protection Programs and fit testing, a pre-fit test checklist, and other training webinars.

As part of this initiative, WSLH and DHS are also assembling fit testing kits for long-term care facilities without current fit testing capacity. Although N95 respirators are available, the kits to perform fit testing are in short demand, so the state is purchasing as many of the bulk supplies as possible and assembling fit testing kits with disposable hoods. We anticipate these fit testing kits will be ready to ship to facilities in February 2021. We will not have enough kits to supply one to each ALF at this time and will be prioritizing kits for those facilities with current or past outbreaks. As additional kits are available, they will continue to be sent to facilities.

In preparation for receiving a fit testing kit, facilities should review and complete the pre-fit test checklist. This checklist covers the range of respiratory protection processes associated with respirator fit testing and use, including developing a respiratory protection plan that aligns with OSHA’s requirements.

If you are interested in the N95 Fit Testing program or have questions, please attend the January 19 Bureau of Assisted Living Forum from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. at the link below.

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Please use the question & answer (Q&A) feature within the Zoom meeting room to submit questions during the forum. Questions related to funding should be submitted to the Managed Care Organizations or Division of Medicaid Services.

Thank you for your continued efforts and support.