FoodShare Members to Receive Increased Benefits for Six Months

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Wisconsin FoodShare Members to Receive Increased Benefits for Six Months

Households in Wisconsin that receive FoodShare benefits will be getting additional benefits on their QUEST cards starting in January and ending in June. This is because of the COVID-19 stimulus law passed by the federal government in December. This program temporarily increases the maximum amounts households can receive by 15%.

Households will get letters the week of January 25 telling them how much they will get for January, because the extra amount will be added to their QUEST cards on January 24. Starting in February, the extra amount will be part of the monthly allotment added to their QUEST card on their regular date.

Households do not need to do anything to receive these benefits.

This is different from the program that has been giving FoodShare households the maximum amount for their size while Wisconsin has a declared public health emergency. The current state public health emergency is scheduled to end in January. We will communicate with members and partners about any changes as they happen.

Find more information and additional updates about FoodShare on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website.