Wisconsin Department of Health Services Providing IRS 1095-B Tax Forms Only If Requested in 2020

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Wisconsin Department of Health Services Providing IRS 1095-B Tax Forms by Request Only for 2020

There is no longer a federal penalty or fine for not having health insurance, so people no longer need proof of insurance coverage when filing their taxes. Based on guidance from the IRS, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is not sending IRS 1095-B tax forms to members who had minimum essential coverage from a Wisconsin health care program, such as BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid, in 2020.

However, members can request a copy of their 1095-B tax form by doing one of the following:

Member Services 1095-B
313 Blettner Blvd.
Madison, WI, 53714

When requesting a form, members will need to provide all of the following information:

  • Their full name
  • The full name of the member whose form is being requested (if different from the person requesting the form, such as a parent requesting a child’s form)
  • The member’s ForwardHealth ID, Social Security number, or case number
  • The member’s date of birth
  • The address the 1095-B form needs to be mailed to

If the member does not provide all of this information, DHS may not be able to send the copy of the 1095-B form.

For more information on requesting a 1095-B tax form, refer to the FAQs on the DHS website.

Members who have questions about the 1095-B tax form can call the Wisconsin 1095-B form assistance line at 866-667-9419. The Wisconsin 1095-B form assistance line does not provide tax advice. For tax advice, members can refer to the IRS website or work with a tax professional.