N95 Fit Testing Resources for Nursing Home Staff

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Attn: Nursing Home Providers

N95 Fit Testing Resources for Nursing Home Staff

The CDC and OSHA recommends the use of a fit-tested N95 respirator by healthcare personnel caring for residents suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 to assist in controlling the spread among long-term care populations. In conjunction with the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene (WSLH), the Department of Health Services (DHS) will be providing respiratory protection resources, including fit testing kits, for nursing homes that do not have that capability currently, instructional videos, a Pre-Fit Test Checklist, and training webinars.

In preparation for receiving a fit testing kit, facilities should review and complete the Pre-Fit Test Checklist. This checklist covers the range of respiratory protection processes associated with respirator fit testing and use, including developing a respiratory protection plan that aligns with OSHA’s requirements.

The WSLH has scheduled two training webinars to review the checklist at a high-level and offer time for Q&A. The first webinar will be recorded and posted on the DHS website. These webinars will be identical in content.

Although N95 respirators are available, the kits to perform fit testing are in short demand. DHS sent a survey to nursing home providers on December 12, 2020, to determine the need for fit testing kits and to prioritize any future distribution.

If you haven’t already completed the survey, please complete this SHORT SURVEY now. We anticipate fit testing kits will be ready to ship to facilities in February 2021.