Opt in to New DHS Payment Program for Nursing Homes

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Nursing Home CARES Act Payment Program

Nursing Homes Invited to Participate in New COVID-19 Payments Program

Incentive payments are intended to support nursing homes admitting patients from acute care hospitals.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) invites nursing homes to participate in an opportunity to receive supplemental funds from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. DHS understands that nursing homes are serving a critical role during the pandemic, admitting patients who no longer need to be in the hospital, but still require care. This requires facilities to be able to hire and pay the staff providing this care.

To support these efforts, DHS will be providing a $2,900 incentive payment for each person directly admitted from an acute care hospital to a nursing home that decides to participate in the program. The numbers of patients used for the payments will be drawn directly by DHS from Minimum Data Set entry/tracking records.

To participate in the program, nursing homes need to opt in by completing this online participation agreement and agreeing to the required included attestation. The following items will be needed to complete the agreement: 

  • Taxpayer ID Number (up to four TINs can be entered per agreement)
  • Appropriate federal W9 and Wisconsin DOA-6460 forms
  • Nursing home name(s) and address(es)
  • National Provider Identifiers for any nursing homes listed

Payments will not begin until the participation agreement is received. If funds for this program are exhausted before a participation agreement is received from a facility, that facility may not receive funds. Participation agreements can be submitted no later than December 30, 2020.

More information about this program can be found on the DHS website.