BCD: New COVID-19 Trainings Available from CMS for Frontline Nursing Home Staff and Management

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Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Prevention Program

CMS Targeted COVID-19 Training
for Frontline Nursing Home Staff and Management

CMS has developed and released an online, targeted training program for frontline nursing home staff and management dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The training for frontline nursing home staff includes five modules, focused on the most urgent needs of frontline staff working in nursing homes today.  They include:

  • Hand Hygiene and PPE
  • Screening and Surveillance
  • Cleaning the Nursing Home
  • Cohorting
  • Caring for Residents with Dementia in a Pandemic

A second training package, geared to nursing home management, includes the above five modules, plus five additional modules:

  • Basic Infection Control
  • Emergency Preparedness and Surge Capacity
  • Addressing Emotional Health of Residents and Staff
  • Telehealth for Nursing Homes
  • Getting Your Vaccine Delivery System Ready

Information on how to register for and access the training can be found on the CMS Quality, Safety & Education Portal.  The training is available at no cost to participants or facilities.