Voting News from the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition

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Voting News from the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition

The following message is from the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition. It is being shared for your information. Please share this information widely.

Webinar: Voting in the Time of Pandemic

July 1, 2020
9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

This event is hosted by the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition. It is for those interested in supporting the right to vote for people with disabilities and older adults. 

Historically, many voters with disabilities have experienced barriers to exercising their constitutional right to cast a ballot. The health risks related to COVID-19 have created additional obstacles to voting for many Wisconsinites with disabilities and older adults.

This session is to inform leaders at managed care organizations, health maintenance organizations, IRIS consultant organizations, and others who serve Wisconsinites with disabilities and older adults about these barriers, and to share strategies and resources their organizations can use to help their members overcome them.

Featured speakers include:

  • Barbara Beckert, Disability Rights Wisconsin — Director Milwaukee Office
  • Jenny Neugart, Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities — Disability Grassroots Organizer

Introduction by Tom Lutzow, iCare — President and CEO

Topics to be discussed

  • Where are we and where have we been?
    • Barriers for voters with disabilities and older adults, especially during time of pandemic.
    • Your role and why it is so important.
  • The 2020 elections: What’s ahead and where help is needed
    • August 11 election and November 3 election.
    • Voter registration, Photo ID, absentee voting, voter rights, and accommodations.
    • Key resources: Municipal clerks, Wisconsin Elections Commission, and League of Women Voters.
  • How we can partner
    • Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline: 1-844-DIS-VOTE
    • Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition
  • How you can make a difference 
    • Share examples.
    • Outreach and partnerships.

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