COVID-19: Health Alert #6: New website enables health care providers to request COVID-19 lab testing supplies

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COVID-19: Health Alert #6

New website enables health care providers to request COVID-19 lab testing supplies

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On Monday, April 20, the State of Wisconsin launched a new website for health care providers to request COVID-19 testing supplies. The website URL is

The State of Wisconsin is making supplies available to facilitate laboratory COVID-19 testing at no charge for qualifying Wisconsin clinicians, local and tribal health centers, clinical laboratories and others collecting specimens in response to COVID-19. The supplies provided through the site are intended to help Wisconsin achieve the goal of providing testing for all who have influenza like illness symptoms.

Testing supplies available through include:

  • TM/Swab Only – Room Temperature Stable: specimen collection materials including commercial M4 room temperature stable viral transport media (VTM) and a nasopharyngeal (NP) swab. NOTE: these are currently in very limited supply.
  • VTM/Swab Only – Refrigerated: specimen collection materials including FDA approved CDC protocol VTM and a NP swab. NOTE: materials require refrigerated storage.
  • VTM/Swab/Diagnostic Testing – Exact Sciences: specimen collection materials including room temperature stable saline VTM and a NP swab including specimen analysis at Exact Sciences. NOTE: media specifically validated for testing to be performed solely at Exact Sciences. For more information go to: Exact Sciences

The supplies and laboratory services available through the site are intended to expand Wisconsin’s existing COVID-19 testing capacity. Please do not use these supplies and services as a substitution for using your own existing testing resources.

Health care providers can find other HAN alerts and information on COVID-19 at

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