Promoting Interoperability Program COVID-19 Impact Response

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Wisconsin Medicaid eHealth Program

Promoting Interoperability Program COVID-19 Impact Response


We are reaching out today regarding the deadline to submit Program Year 2019 Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program applications. While the official submission deadline remains March 31, 2020, we recognize that, for many, normal operations are interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic response, and therefore organizations may be unable to submit PI Program applications by the deadline.

In response to the situation, we will grant extensions to apply, on a case-by-case basis. Initial extensions will be granted through April 30, 2020. Extension requests will be reexamined in the coming weeks to determine if additional time is needed.

If your organization is able to submit attestations by the March 31 deadline, you should plan to do so. If your organization is unable to submit attestations by the deadline, please follow the instructions below to request an extension to apply.

Instructions to Request Extension

Email the PI Program before March 31, 2020, with the following information:

  • Subject line of “Request for 2019 Extension to Apply for <Organization Name>”
  • Brief explanation of why the organization is unable to submit the applications by the deadline (do not include any personal health information in the explanation)
  • List of all Eligible Professionals and NPIs for whom applications cannot be submitted
  • The contact name, email address, and phone number of the person responsible for the attestations
  • Indication of whether your organization anticipates applications can be submitted by April 30, 2020

Please email us if you have any questions on the above instructions.

We hope you are all staying healthy and taking care of yourselves and your families during this time.


The Wisconsin Medicaid PI Program Staff