2019 Wisconsin Act 56 – Telehealth

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Division of Quality Assurance: Notifications & Updates

Attn: Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Providers

2019 Wisconsin Act 56 – Telehealth

2019 Wisconsin Act 56 was enacted effective November 26, 2019. Per this act, the Department of Health Services can no longer require certification for telehealth.

The Division of Quality Assurance, Behavioral Health Certification Section (BHCS) will end-date all currently certified telehealth services for mental health and substance use treatment providers as of November 25, 2019. Each provider who had an active telehealth service will receive a new certificate for posting. The public directories will be updated to no longer display certified telehealth services.

If a program is due for recertification on or after November 26, 2019, do not submit telehealth fees or applications. If application and fees were already submitted, the fee will be refunded. If a program submitted an application to add a telehealth service that was not yet approved before November 26, 2019, and submitted a $200 telehealth fee, the fee will be refunded.

Please contact BHCS at 608-261-0656 or at DHSDQAMentalHealthAODA@dhs.wisconsin.gov if you have any questions.